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1. Of, relating to, or issued by a pope: the papal succession; a papal bull.
2. Of or relating to the Roman Catholic Church.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin pāpālis, from Late Latin pāpa, pope; see pope.]

pa′pal·ly adv.
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He also includes the commissioners' instructions on how to preach and defend the indulgences and conduct the campaigns, along with the full texts of the extensions of the indulgence campaigns, because the conditions do change--notably the list of papally reserved sins.
NEW YORK - The key witness in the case of a Chilean bishop accused of covering sexual abuse said on Saturday he gave "eye opening" testimony to a papally mandated investigator and hoped it would lead to the truth.
de la Rosa, OP has declined to assume his papally appointed position as new president of the University of Saint Thomas Aquinas or Angelicum in Rome for health reasons.
A papally sanctioned outpost of the Society now existed, and ex-Jesuits outside the Russian Empire, in both Europe and the United States, clamored to "aggregate" themselves to it.
Almost all of the 26 papally appointed voting members--14 cardinals, eight bishops and four priests--are from Europe.
These distortions were papally caused by the EMU interest-rate convergence and the expansionary policies of the ECB.
Beauchamp was papally provided to Hereford in 1448; when the Bishop of Salisbury, William Aiscough, was murdered in 1450, Beauchamp was appointed to fill the see, where he remained until his death in 1481.
While Far Post is not particularly papally proficient, we do have our doubts that the punters are recent form students, considering that the last time a Pope abdicated was in the early 15th Century.
Although a fantasy story, the magic in the Harry Potter books is based papally on Renaissance traditions, which played an important role in the development of Western science and medicine.
Rangoni is a projection of the composer's belief that the papally directed cadres of Jesuits were engaged in a conspiracy to bring the whole world under the Pope's control.
In the last three decades this has become the core Catholic teaching on abortion, papally endorsed.
Almost every later document in defense of the tertiaries was careful to draw a distinction between the legitimate (and papally sanctioned) third order and the illegitimate beguines "condemned by the law." (66) A decision had clearly been made that any general support of all beguines might prove too costly or difficult, while the tertiaries alone might be more successfully protected, and this strategy obviously worked, at least temporarily, as Mulberg and his allies were forced to suspend their actions against the tertiaries but were allowed to continue against other beguines.