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Variant of pawpaw.


(pəˈpɔː) or


1. (Plants) another name for papaya
2. (Plants)
a. a bush or small tree, Asimina triloba, of central North America, having small fleshy edible fruit: family Annonaceae
b. the fruit of this tree
[C16: from Spanish papaya]



(ˈpɔˌpɔ, pəˈpɔ)

1. a tree, Asimina triloba, of the annona family, native to the eastern U.S., having large, oblong leaves and purplish flowers.
2. the fleshy, edible fruit of this tree.
3. papaya.
[1525–75; unexplained alter. of papaye papaya]
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Noun1.papaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruitpapaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit
papaw, pawpaw - fruit with yellow flesh; related to custard apples
custard apple, custard apple tree - any of several tropical American trees bearing fruit with soft edible pulp
2.papaw - fruit with yellow flesh; related to custard apples
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
Asimina triloba, papaw, papaw tree, pawpaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit
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The soil was thickly studded with cocoa-nut, papaw, and cotton-wood trees, above which the balloon seemed to disport itself like a bird.
In this way papaw seeds can also be a helpful aid in the treatment of candida yeast overgrowth, a common yet often undiagnosed health issue with serious consequences.
(grandson), he helps his papaw do a lot of things cause he can't no more.
On top of all that were the drugs, the domestic violence case, children's services prying into our lives, and Papaw [his grandfather] dying.
theobromae have also reported to cause the different diseases such as storage rot of Taro, black-band disease of jute, crown rot diseases of banana fruit, fruit rot of coconut, stem-end rot of mango fruit, soft rot of papaw, guava, litchi, sapodilla fruit and die-back in lemon plant fruits (Alam and Nahar, 1990; Wall and Cruz, 1991; Mortuza and Ilag, 1999; Alam et al., 2001; Anthony et al., 2004).
Participants were also asked to report the total number of wheelchairs they had used since their first wheelchair and whether they had a pushrim-activated power-assisted wheelchair (PAPAW).
In indigenous Australian culture, that's the first oil they put on a baby because it's so hydrating," she allegedly said, adding that she also uses the popular papaw ointment."
I have always called him "Papaw." I am the great-grandson of Robert Freeman Sr., known to everyone as Bob Freeman.
He would offer me papaw, eggs and even chicken as he had a nose for zeroing in to the nearest habitation and making a good bargain.
The younger Jackson says her first job ever was as an office assistant" at my Papaw's Northside Self Storage in Philadelphia."
He also grows hot-climate fruits like jujube, fig, persimmon, papaya, pomegranate, quince, papaw, loquat, feijoa (pineapple guava) and goumi.
vvGrade1 Style DESERT BLANC became the sixth top-flight scorer for his French-based sire Desert Style when getting the better of Papaw Bodie (Strong Hope) by just a nose in the Woodford Reserve Manhattan Handicap at Belmont Park on Saturday.