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Variant of pawpaw.


(pəˈpɔː) or


1. (Plants) another name for papaya
2. (Plants)
a. a bush or small tree, Asimina triloba, of central North America, having small fleshy edible fruit: family Annonaceae
b. the fruit of this tree
[C16: from Spanish papaya]



(ˈpɔˌpɔ, pəˈpɔ)

1. a tree, Asimina triloba, of the annona family, native to the eastern U.S., having large, oblong leaves and purplish flowers.
2. the fleshy, edible fruit of this tree.
3. papaya.
[1525–75; unexplained alter. of papaye papaya]
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Noun1.papaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruitpapaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit
papaw, pawpaw - fruit with yellow flesh; related to custard apples
custard apple, custard apple tree - any of several tropical American trees bearing fruit with soft edible pulp
2.papaw - fruit with yellow flesh; related to custard apples
edible fruit - edible reproductive body of a seed plant especially one having sweet flesh
Asimina triloba, papaw, papaw tree, pawpaw - small tree native to the eastern United States having oblong leaves and fleshy fruit
References in classic literature ?
The soil was thickly studded with cocoa-nut, papaw, and cotton-wood trees, above which the balloon seemed to disport itself like a bird.
Noel Comia, Albert Silos and Omar Uddin alternate as Popoy, with Joann Co, Marichu Belarmino-Carino and Upeng Galang-Fernandez as Lola Luna and John Moran, Vien King and Eric dela Cruz playing Papaw Halimaw.
I was with Bob Freeman when he bought the 1924 Ford-son tractor near Greeneville, Tennessee," Papaw told me as I sat in front of him with my computer in my dad's garage.
Minor crops, such as papaw, jujube and acorn, are given equal space next to apples, pears and walnuts.
Now on my twelfth birthday, a damp sodden November morning, my father, your Papaw, summoned me to his office on the third floor of the house.
2 days, 0%), except for the combination of artesunic acid 15 mg/kg and papaw 200 mg/kg as shown in Table 3.
and papaw and fried plaintains, freshly baked bread and avocados;
We'd sit around singing songs like 'Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey' and 'Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms,' and on Sunday morning I'd go to Papaw Cyrus' church where my dad had a gospel quartet," Cyrus says.
the PAPAW is an option for power-chair users with upper- extremity joint disintegration, reduced exercise capacity, low strength, or endurance issues.
Early in the twentieth century, Lucas concentrated on exploring and developing the curative properties of fermented papaw (papaya).
There are pears by the bushel, quince, persimmon, papaw and honeyberries lurking in these catalogs.
A comparison of the poem with the detailed notes taken by Browning senior and his attempts to turn these into a dramatic narrative leads Hawlin to conclude that the poet's representation of the papaw here is not driven by the urge to "make an aggressive or simplistic anti-Catholic statement" (p.