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Noun1.paper chain - a chain made of loops of colored paper; used to decorate a room
chain - a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament
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If you want to achieve a handmade look for your table setting, task the family to create paper chains from wrapping paper in similar colours to those used throughout the rest of your decorations.
Plastic baubles are usually made Q Paper chains If you have made your own paper chains from plain paper and there is no glitter on them, please recycle them.
Young and old can join in creating paper chains and flags and there are also Patron's Lunch branded products to help add that stylish finish to your event.
The party was streamed online so viewers could see Colo's habitat draped with colourful paper chains and watch zoo staff and visitors serenading her.
The cafe and shops will also have themed displays, including a cutlery tree and one decorated with tea cups, along with tree-shaped paper chains, while the entrance walkway is lined with decorated tree branches.
He spends hours making paper chains for the ceiling and happily listens to the tunes that come from the Christmas clocks on his wall when the hour strikes.
Lanterns lighting the streets, the sounds of paper chains shaking as the wind passes through.
Creating the paper chains was one of a range of actions members have undertaken to protest the Government's proposed changes to the Employment Relations, one of which is to take away collective bargaining rights.
For the youngest children, simple paper chains made from linking successive paper strips are an easy holiday craft project, as are tree decorations made from plain popcorn and red and green beads.
The Duchess of Cambridge's sister, 28, edits The Party Times and encourages clients to wave a Union Jack flag and hang bunting or paper chains.
Adorable bead and paper chains, decorative strung fruit = toddler strangulation hazard
Candy canes and paper chains trimmed trees, and old-fashioned "icicles" were back in style.