paper chromatography

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Noun1.paper chromatography - chromatography that uses selective adsorption on a strip of paper
chromatography - a process used for separating mixtures by virtue of differences in absorbency
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Under these conditions, for paper chromatography, it was possible to form a ternary solvent system consisting of water:alcohol:CH[Cl.sub.3], allowing [[[sup.99m]Tc[(MIBI).sub.6]].sup.+] to be extracted by water bound to cellulose (Figure 3B), while [sup.99m]Tc[O.sub.4.sup.-] was dissolved in the water (Figure 3A).
(2007) also shown the presence of Lysine in fermented broth by paper chromatography using solvent; n-butanol acetic acid and distilled water (2:2:1).
The hydrolysates were neutralised by a bicarbonate form of amberlite IR-45 (OH) resin, rotary-evaporated to dryness under reduced pressure, and dissolved in 30 [micro]L of [H.sub.2]O and an aliquot used for paper chromatography. Enzymic hydrolysis with [beta]-mannanase from Bacillus subtilis or Penicillium wortmannin was performed as described by [27].
The radiochemical purity of the product was observed by using paper chromatography (PC).
To overcome this problem, a simple technique, based on paper chromatography, was developed (Smith 2007) and later modified (Liesner 2011).
Circular Paper Chromatography. The crude extract was spotted in the center of a circular Whatman No.
Paper chromatography was done using same solvent system on whatman no.
The two dimensional paper chromatography was carried out by using the systems-n-propanol: IM ammonium hydroxide (7:3) and n-butanol:formic acid:water (10:3:10).
The ethyl acetate fraction was examined by paper chromatography (Whatmann No 1) using the solvent systems n-butanol; acetic acid; water (3:1:1) (a) and 15% acetic acid (b).
Analysis of Amino acid: Descending paper chromatography was employed for detecting L-glutamic acid in culture medium and was run for 18h on a watman No.