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Noun1.paper flower - Brazilian vine that tends to flower continuouslypaper flower - Brazilian vine that tends to flower continuously
bougainvillea - any of several South American ornamental woody vines of the genus Bougainvillea having brilliant red or purple flower bracts; widely grown in warm regions
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Some were large and some small, and in the front yards were beds of paper flowers quite natural in appearance.
I wanted Betty to become a Roman Catholic, I should have liked to see her converted in a crown of paper flowers, but she's hopelessly Protestant.
Amid these curious relics, Madame Saillard always sat on a sofa of modern mahogany, near a fireplace full of ashes and without fire, on the mantel-shelf of which stood a clock, some antique bronzes, candelabra with paper flowers but no candles, for the careful housewife lighted the room with a tall tallow candle always guttering down into the flat brass candlestick which held it.
Area residents may purchase a paper flower in honor of or in memory of someone who has battled cancer.
This was helped by handing out paper flower shapes to the cafe's customers on which they could write down their feelings or ideas.
These included a Bento making workshop facilitated by Russet Cainglet and a Paper Flower making class headed by April San Pedro.
"Nothing happens to warn me of events that have already begun to unfold," narrates Susannah, "like a paper flower dropped into water, like a cocoon hatching a tightly-folded monster." From the first chapter, the characters develop into tangible, fully realized people.
The model, 20, was dressed in a flirty and feminine frock to celebrate the launch of the new Tiffany Paper Flower collection at The Lindley Hall.
Reacting to the scorn from his political rivals, Haasan said he is not a paper flower but a seed: "Plant me and I will grow," he urged his supporters.
inside the carcass of a paper flower and glided these lights
Liu Fang is a paper-folding expert with over a decade of studying and developing paper flower folding behind her.
In her new book The Fine Art of Paper Flowers: A Guide to Making Beautiful and Lifelike Botanicals (Watson-Guptill; $25), the San Francisco-based architect turned artist shares step-by-step instructions for dozens of realistic blooms, as well as for projects from paper flower crowns to daisy chains and her signature giant flowers.