paper mache

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paper ma·che

Variant of papier-mâché.
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"Last year it was a cave-themed decor made of balloons and paper mache at my home, but this year it is Chandrayaan-2 as it has been in the news of late," said Rishabh, who owns a manufacturing business.
'We were only expecting simple, paper mache masks, but the artists came up with their wonderful pieces.
The mangoes, wrapped in cut-out cartolinas in assorted colors (think a paper mache project that you need to wrap in colored papers back in art class) which ripen the mangoes quicker, can (only!) be picked once you get the hang of those tricky fruit-picking sticks that extend way beyond the trees.
The winner was"Towser"McCormack, who transformed his vehicle into a paper mache and cardboard carriage, complete with two horse figures.
The kids loved it, especially the dancing Santas, magical grottos and paper mache flamingos flying over our heads.
Clay statues, paper mache, clay masks and pots are examples of Jinzo.
Summary: Decked out with candles, paper mache flowers, fresh marigolds, intricately decorated skull art pieces and photographs of beloved people who have died, the altar in Beirut's Instituto Cervantes was a typical representation of Dia de los Muertos.
ISLAMABAD:A month-long children summer camp in traditional skills including truck art, paper mache and pottery making started here at the Heritage Museum of Lok Virsa here in Shakarparian.
During summer art camp students would be educated about various art forms including truck art, paper mache and pottery making.
"Our set consists of handmade paper mache' props that our customers with learning disabilities have made.
Dressing up for the big day, Claire expects to have more than 100 visitors in her garden on October 31 to see her decorations made from paper mache, plastic bottles and other materials.
Love SNAPS great family time"(exclusive swim with water walkers) "Great fun and a laugh, fun and difficult "(combat archery) "I liked the paper mache and the table football competition."(family night) "I liked doing the plate spinning and the juggling." (circus skills) Also some comments from the parents and carers: "Fantastic.