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It's about the efforts of many people over half a decade and two state administrations to land the Shandong Sun Paper plant that has the potential to transform the economy of Clark County and beyond.
Krame Development will develop 27 retail spaces housed in seven buildings on the 28-acre parcel of land located on the former US Gypsum paper plant site.
Daphne is also known as the Nepalese paper plant as the bark is used for traditional paper making there.
MHI) has received an order for a steam turbine with the capacity of approximately 90 megawatt(MW) to be installed in a pulp and paper plant in China owned and operated by Asia Symbol (Shandong) Pulp And Paper Co.
Elland Fire Station was the first to be alerted by workers at the Sonoco paper plant in Dog Lane, Barkisland, at 11.
55 million tonnes of industrial paper, as well as an industrial paper plant in Pudong, Shanghai with 450,000 tonnes in annual capacity.
The Boiler is serving two plants: the Silicone Plant heating 15,000 litres from 5 to 80[degrees]C over an eight hour period; and the Paper Plant heating 3,000 litres from 5 to 80[degrees]C per hour.
The same cement plant also uses the white sludge by-product from its paper plant as a raw material.
During this period, the performance of the company's rice unit (accounted for 34 per cent of its 200-10 revenues) has been weak while the paper plant (accounted for 66 per cent of its 200-10 revenues) was shut down for five months in 2010-11 because of fire.
Myllykoski, with one paper plant in Finland, one in the US and three in Germany, had revenues of EUR286m in the first half of 2010 and an operating loss of EUR12m, Reuters said.
Over 100 workers in a paper plant in Bulgaria's town of Kostenets have declared hunger strike over an optimization plan of the management.
A CHESHIRE paper plant has laid off more than 100 workers after going into administration.