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Noun1.paper plate - a disposable plate made of cardboardpaper plate - a disposable plate made of cardboard
plate - dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten
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Butteridge's conception of an adequate equipment for a balloon ascent: a hamper which included a game pie, a Roman pie, a cold fowl, tomatoes, lettuce, ham sandwiches, shrimp sandwiches, a large cake, knives and forks and paper plates, self-heating tins of coffee and cocoa, bread, butter, and marmalade, several carefully packed bottles of champagne, bottles of Perrier water, and a big jar of water for washing, a portfolio, maps, and a compass, a rucksack containing a number of conveniences, including curling-tongs and hair-pins,, a cap with ear-flaps, and so forth.
High quality built in speaker with internal ABS stiffener, compound wool paper plate and natural silk membrane transmits the treble, alto voice, bass and mega bass directly to your soul.
Give your child a small paper plate and some precut pictures.
We felt like we needed to know how far we could confidently shoot and kill animals, which quickly got dubbed our "killing power." So, we all started up close and slowly worked out way back until we found the maximum yardage we could consistently hit the paper plate. That was the max distance we felt we should be shooting at animals.
WHAT YOU NEED: White paper (or blue if you want it to look like the sea); paint; paper plate; black marker; wiggle eyes; glue; newspaper; crayons, markers or colored pencils (optional) INSTRUCTIONS: 1.
HERE''S a fun paper plate craft idea for youngsters on Bonfire Night.
Place your snowflake on the paper plate. Brush a light coating of glue over the top.
May-Bowles, who is also known as "Jonnie Marbles", disrupted proceedings by launching a paper plate of shaving foam at Mr Murdoch in the Wilson room in Portcullis House last month.
What is the stage name of comedian Jonathan May-Bowles, who was accused of throwing a paper plate of shaving foam at Rupert Murdoch as he gave evidence to MPs?
Here's how that becomes valuable: Suppose you are Walt Disney Co., and you want to license Mickey Mouse to appear on paper plates. You can look in the source book and find a paper plate maker who already has licensed Sponge Bob.
When you can no longer keep your shots consistently in an eight-inch paper plate, you have found your own personal maximum distance with that rifle and sights.--Editor