paper thin

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Adj.1.paper thin - thin as paper; "her blouse was paper thin"
thin - of relatively small extent from one surface to the opposite or in cross section; "thin wire"; "a thin chiffon blouse"; "a thin book"; "a thin layer of paint"
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Former Airdrie favourite Mark Roberts has dubbed the difference between the Diamonds and Falkirk"paper thin" as they prepare to battle it out in League One.
Summary: This twist to a paper thin bread basket is great starter for any meal
Ontario, CA, April 18, 2018 --( Paper thin, yet powerful enough to pull in over-the-air signals from up to 40 miles away, ANTOP's newest World Map antenna, the AT-123, combines an Earth Day-inspired 3D world map design with digital technology to provide a visually appealing product that delivers crystal clear uncompressed VHF enhanced HDTV reception.
Both teams needed extra time and penalties to see off their opponents in the semi-finals, but City's fantastic win against Raith Rovers, in which they fought back from the brink, must have taken a lot out of a squad that was already paper thin. Alloa have already beaten Brechin three out of four times this season, including a 6-1 home walloping and two wins at Glebe Park.
Calling it "paper thin", she described it as a "missed opportunity for the Government" to repair some of the damage done to the local economy.
The dying crafts include Ivory and Camel Bone, Camel Skin Work, Paper Thin Pottery, Khes, Lungi, Block Making, Metal Work, Blue Pottery, Farasi, Khatta weaving, Taghar, Sharma or Paloos, Namda or Yigin, Musical Instruments (Dhamboora and Saroz), Chitrali Wood Work and Kashmiri Wood Work.
According to Brownlee, although the glass appears to be paper thin, it is also indestructible.
The current squad is paper thin and cannot cope with suspensions or injuries.
"We had a paper thin squad last year with kids all the way through."
The plot's paper thin, the action is the sort of stuff we've seen before and the sequel never really matches any of the good stuff from the original movie.
BAD POINTS: The brutality (it's directed by a man behind three Saw films) is hard to stomach and the unlikeable characters are paper thin - and keep passing up opportunities to escape.