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Noun1.paper towel - a disposable towel made of absorbent paperpaper towel - a disposable towel made of absorbent paper
towel - a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
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* Place 10 seeds evenly on one side of the paper towel.
In Leeds, Staphylococcus aureus (including MRSA) was found three times more often and in higher amounts on the surface of the jet air dryers compared with the paper towel dispensers.
When skillet is fully heated, use paper towels to wipe out oil, leaving thin film on bottom and sides of skillet.
In fact I'd go a step ahead and challenge developers and asset managers to do away with the paper towel dispenser.
We analyzed via these forms the adequacy of water, soap, paper towel and alcohol-based hand disinfectant on four different days [two of which were in summer during the vacation time (August 27 and 31, 2016) and two others in autumn (October 12 and 15, 2016)].
Of those that chose paper towels as their preferred hand-drying method, the top five reasons were: Paper towels dry hands better (70 percent); paper towels dry hands faster (69 percent); paper towels provide something to open the restroom door with (52 percent); air dryers blow bacteria into the air (24 percent); and air dryers are too loud (22 percent).
Start with a common brand of paper towel and begin student-team brainstorming as to how a sheet of this product could be tested for both absorbency and strength.
The reason for his long tenure was that, through various haircut and wardrobe adjustments, a hunky guy had always been a metaphor for brand performance: He was strong, durable and dependable, just like you'd want your paper towels to be.
Do the same with the cups, using the paper towel opening as your guide (use your marker on the cups).
As a result, manufacturers can now more easily create seasonal and holiday paper towel patterns -- featuring eye-catching Halloween, autumn or Christmas designs, for example, Greenberry suggests.
While jet air dryers caused the greatest spread of microbes, firing up to 59.5 yeast colonies into the air, the humble paper towel fired out just 2.2.