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Noun1.paper towel - a disposable towel made of absorbent paperpaper towel - a disposable towel made of absorbent paper
towel - a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
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In fact I'd go a step ahead and challenge developers and asset managers to do away with the paper towel dispenser.
Of those that chose paper towels as their preferred hand-drying method, the top five reasons were: Paper towels dry hands better (70 percent); paper towels dry hands faster (69 percent); paper towels provide something to open the restroom door with (52 percent); air dryers blow bacteria into the air (24 percent); and air dryers are too loud (22 percent).
Start with a common brand of paper towel and begin student-team brainstorming as to how a sheet of this product could be tested for both absorbency and strength.
Do the same with the cups, using the paper towel opening as your guide (use your marker on the cups).
As a result, manufacturers can now more easily create seasonal and holiday paper towel patterns -- featuring eye-catching Halloween, autumn or Christmas designs, for example, Greenberry suggests.
The study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, tested a harmless form of bacteria applied to researchers' hands to mimic hands that had been improperly washed and measured air bacterial counts around jet air dryers, warm air dryers, and paper towel dispensers.
5 times higher than around warm air dryers and 27 times higher compared with the air when using paper towels.
Clean the rubber edge of your car's wiper blades with a paper towel dampened with glass cleaner or water and a little dish detergent to extend the life of the wipers.
I had packed a couple jumbo rolls of paper towels and planned on using individual sheets to stuff the straps in our layout blinds--a trick I learned many years ago.
The green-colored Cascades antibacterial paper towel doesn't require additional steps and compensates for people's imperfect hygiene habits without changing the way they wash or dry their hands, according to Cascades Tissue Group, which North America's fourth largest producer of towel and tissue paper.
Smith claimed that if every American would reduce his or her paper towel usage by one paper towel per day, it would save 571,230,000 pounds of paper a year, the Disocery News reported.
For tomatoes, scrape out some seeds and spread them out on a paper towel so there is just a bit of space in between each seed.