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Adj.1.paperlike - of or like paper
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The team can fashion paperlike graphene oxide sheets a couple of centimeters across, though the technique should easily scale up to the roughly 40-square-meter size currently packed into each desalination tube, Dave says.
Producing all of her tailoring fabrics exclusively in England, she uses thin Swiss cottons with a paperlike finish that only its wearer would detect, and raw, loomstate windowpane prints that yield sharp, sculptural edges.
The collection will be sharp, streamlined and, in a way, minimal My main concept for the woven textiles in this collection is paper I will also be utilizing readymade textiles that possess paperlike qualities such as taffeta, cotton twill, and crAAape.
It is almost paperlike, the petals so delicate that when it bursts into flower you wonder how a spindly stem holds its weight.
They bring with them, producing them from their pockets with the flair of a team of magicians, thin smocks of a waxy paperlike material to put on over their clothes.
Second, unlike amorphous silicon, amorphous oxides can be deposited at low temperatures, which means they can be laid down or even printed on pliable plastic sheets to make paperlike displays.
It is featured with the paperlike display technology and low power consumption.
Tamper-proof Rakhi envelopes made of Tyvek (a paperlike material that you can't tear and can wipe clean even if you spill coffee on it) or Kevlar, used for bullet-resistant jackets by the Indian army.
has developed a device providing a nearly paperlike experience for online and offline viewing of virtually any electronic format, from the ubiquitous PDF to Microsoft Office and Open Office formats.
Flames usually burn only the outer scales of their paperlike bark, while the more fragile and vital inner layers are left intact.
Its rechargable battery life lasts up to 7500 continuous page turns, and the paperlike screen technology is easy on the eyes.
Belmer then uses a knife, pumice stone and compressed wool to create the paperlike texture.