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The process or craft of making paper.

pa′per·mak′er n.


(Crafts) someone who makes paper
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Recently revealed documents in an antitrust hearing have shown that a Mumbai, India-based papermaker is planning to acquire Verso Paper's closed mill in Bucksport and continue operations.
The papermaker projected a full-year consolidated net loss of 2.
This Montreal-based papermaker said that it had a first-quarter loss of $C31 million ($US22.
Marie-based papermaker pleaded guilty in provincial offences court on Dec.
Daio Paper, Japan's third-largest papermaker, is a publicly listed company whose shares trade on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
These applications not only enable the papermaker to produce more saleable tons per day by addressing process bottlenecks or limitations, they also help the mill meet regulatory and environmental goals without additional physical unit operations.
Taiwan's leading papermaker, will invest US$8 million (NT$240 billion) to set up a plant in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China in the second-half this year, where it will use its proprietary bio-pulp making process instead of the traditional chemical counterpart.
In a high-profile takeover and defense saga in 2006, a Nippon Paper arm acquired a minority stake in Hokuetsu, blocking a hostile takeover bid for Hokuetsu by leading papermaker Oji Paper Co.
Muscari, chairman and chief executive officer said, We are extremely pleased to be working with such a fine papermaker as the Sun Paper Group, which is the largest privately owned paper business in China, to deploy our NewYield(TM) technology at their papermaking operations in Shandong Province.
Chiu at a recent general shareholders meeting, also noting Yuen Foong Yu is cooperating with a Japan-based papermaker to set up a joint-venture.