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The process or craft of making paper.

pa′per·mak′er n.
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(Crafts) the art or action of making paper
(Crafts) that makes paper
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Noun1.papermaking - the craft of making paper
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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Collaboration will be on display as Morgan Art of Papermaking & Educational Foundation (The Morgan Conservatory) presents Confluence: Twelve Collaborations August 12th through September 16th.
The range and depth of information presented here is astounding, and because Bidwell is a true expert in the practice of papermaking--not merely its history--his scholarship on all aspects of papermaking is informed and sound.
Cristina and Popa present a supplement to Pulp Production and Processing: From Papermaking to High-tech Products that focuses closely on the specialized use of wood fibers in making paper.
By transforming into a holding company to own more subsidiaries, YFY, which was originally Taiwan's largest papermaking group with a history of 88 years, is allowed to stretch its business reach to papermaking, electronics and biotechnologies.
They cover a general view of the papermaking process from wood to paper, the fate of paper chemicals at the wet end, wet-strength resins and temporary versions of them, dry-strength resins, internal sizing agents, creping adhesives and softeners, and chemicals for treating the paper surface.
The expansion will double the size of the company, which has been in Bellingham for three and half years, and will give them space to offer papermaking and bookbinding classes, said owner Kevin Nelson.
In what could be a sign of tougher times ahead for certain sectors of our industry, UPM, the Finnish papermaking giant, is reducing capacity.
There will be all-day educational workshops on drumming, origami and the art of Japanese papermaking as well as a free lunchtime performance by Taiko drummers Kagemusha.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-18 January 2007-Metso Paper to supply papermaking line in Japan(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
In the decade since, Nine Dragons has grown into a papermaking beast that befits its name, now having the capacity to produce 3.3 million metric tons of containerboard annually, with plans in place to install another 1.8 million metric tons of capacity by the middle of its 2007 fiscal year.