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He took a heavy paperweight and lifted it threateningly, but at once put it back in its place.
but no seat in the Lords' This fine Clichy paperweight (above) sold recently for pounds 10,000 Picture: CAPES DUNN, MANCHESTER' Six of the best.
A GLASS paperweight given to a Staffordshire farmer by a German prisoner of war is to 'go home' after 60 years.
KEITH STAFFORD, of Garth Crescent, Ernesford Grange is hoping someone can help him solve the mystery of a paperweight.
Prizes include a Boro signed ball, a Boro paperweight in a presentation case and a signed Hartlepool shirt, with proceeds again in aid of nursing home equipment.
Page used a paperweight in a sock to rain blows on 51-year-old Valerie's head at their home in Winchester.
T otesport has arranged unique awards with a Scottish theme; each owner will receive a Highland Dream paperweight and, the trainers a thistle letter opener (pictured) handblown in the Scottish Borders by Scottish Borders Art Glass.
YOU very kindly published a letter from me in the ECHO on September 15 appealing to readers to try and explain the mystery of the cloudy paperweight.
They will be presented with citizenship certificates and a specially designed commemorative paperweight to mark the occasion and sign a special citizenship register.
Explosive experts were called in after a paperweight gathering dust on a bookshelf turned out to be a mortar shell fuse.
There are also inaugural golf shirts, T-shirts, sweat shirts, coaster set, paperweight, playing cards, commemorative plate, an inaugural ``beanie bear,'' medallions, photographs of the inauguration, crystal pieces, silver spoons (mouth not included) and license plates (hopefully not made by anyone on Death Row).
Other items include a 4-inch paperweight which can be hung on a wall, a small figurine, a large figurine, and a pair of candlesticks.