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Noun1.papillary muscle - any of several muscles associated with the atrioventricular valves; "the papillary muscles contract during systole to prevent regurgitation of blood into the atria"
cardiac muscle, heart muscle - the muscle tissue of the heart; adapted to continued rhythmic contraction
atrioventricular valve - either of two heart valves through which blood flows from the atria to the ventricles; prevents return of blood to the atrium
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The TEE revealed the patient had suffered a papillary muscle rupture requiring surgery.
Pitzalis and her Italian coworkers have developed an echocardiographic method of assessing patients for ventricular dyssynchrony using a standard two-dimensional Doppler short-axis view at the papillary muscle level.
SUMMARY: Chordae tendineae architecture and their junction with papillary muscle were studied with scanning electron microscopy, comparing human and swine hearts.
Myocardial samples for electron microscopic examination included samples from the anterior and posterior papillary muscle, respectively.
Other alternative techniques, such as artificial chordae, chordal transfer, decalcification, papillary muscle (PPM) repositioning,[3] and sliding plasty, were also used to achieve one basic goal of restoring a smooth and correct-sized leaflet and creating the best coaptation area in the inflow of the left ventricle.
Obstructive cardiomyopathy without severe septal hypertrophy (OCM), such as from papillary muscle abnormalities or abnormal chordal attachment, can lead to a decrease in cardiac output due to obstruction in the left ventricular outflow tract.
The papillary muscle was dissected carefully from the left ventricle, clipped at its edges, placed vertically in a chamber containing Krebs-Henseleit solution at 28[degrees]C, oxygenated with a mixture of 0.95 [O.sub.2] and 0.5 C[O.sub.2], pH 7.38, and stimulated with two electrodes inside the solution at a rate of 0.2 Hz.
Towards the apex, it supports the anterior papillary muscle of the tricuspid valve and from this point crosses to the parietal wall of the right ventricle as the moderator band.
Left ventricular isolated papillary muscle preparations allow us to properly control preload and afterload and analyze intrinsic myocardial function without the effects of systemic metabolic changes [34-36].
Apical four chamber and apical short axis views showed an accessory mitral papillary muscle with its chordae located parallel to the interventricular septum extending to the anterior mitral leaflet.
DIAGNOSIS: Acute, spontaneous, anterior papillary muscle rupture
Exercise duration improved by a mean of 33% from baseline among patients who underwent papillary muscle suturing, compared with a mean improvement of 18% among patients who had bypass surgery only.

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