papillary tumor

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Noun1.papillary tumor - a benign epithelial tumor forming a rounded mass
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The Duke of Devenham, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, whose wife entertained for his party, and whose immense income, derived mostly from her American relations, was always at its disposal, was a person almost as important in the councils of his country as the Prime Minister himself.
Nevertheless, he accepted Prime Ministers as he accepted railway trains--as part of a system which he, at least, was not the revolutionist sent on earth to destroy.
There was once a man in India who was Prime Minister of one of the semi-independent native States in the north-western part of the country.
 "Splendor of the universe," replied the Prime Minister, "it is
He was scuffling with the prime minister and the director-general of public education, and he was a royal gift to me and my camp servants.
So saying, he annexed both countries, and after a long, peaceful, and happy reign was poisoned by his Prime Minister.
Holmes, which was at eight o'clock this morning, I at once informed the Prime Minister.
When that has been done, and I have become your royal highness's prime minister, I shall be able to think of my own interests and yours.
Many people say that he is the most interesting man in England, and must be our next Prime Minister.
Gordon Jones exclaimed, "that no requests from me or say, for instance, the Prime Minister, would have any weight with you?
I have done very well with these two qualities, since, from the son of a fisherman of Piscina, I have become prime minister to the king of France; and in that position your majesty will perhaps acknowledge I have rendered some service to the throne of your majesty.
I pointed out to Perry that it wasn't much more in-congruous for the emperor to cruise in a canoe, than it was for the prime minister to attempt to build one with his own hands.