papillary tumour

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Noun1.papillary tumour - a benign epithelial tumor forming a rounded mass
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Ciliated muconodular papillary tumour of the lung: a newly defined low-grade malignant tumour.
The recent 2009 WHO classification of tumours of pancreas named this clinical entity as "Solid pseudo papillary tumour of pancreas", keeping in view the two most characteristic morphological findings; solid and pseudo-papillary pattern of growth.3
This tumour was a follicular variant of a papillary tumour, with anaplastic dedifferentiation.
A H & E stained section of the breast core biopsy showed multiple fragments of low grade papillary tumour comprising fibrovascular cores lined by cells with overlapping nuclei, occasional nuclear grooves and rare intranuclear inclusions (Figure 3).
The papillary tumour in this case was easily identifiable, as it was clearly delineated and obviously different from the surrounding oncocytoma on H&E stained sections.
Their typical gross and histological features include cystic, solid and pseudopapillary components, which led to a variety of other names including solid cystic tumour, papillary cystic tumour, papillary epithelial neoplasia, solid and papillary epithelial neoplasia, papillary epithelial tumour, solid and papillary tumour, solid-cystic papillary epithelial neoplasm, benign or malignant papillary tumour of the pancreas, and adenocarcinoma of the pancreas in childhood.
The largest tumour measured 27 cm in diameter in a 45 yr old lady diagnosed as serous papillary tumour of borderline malignancy.
Small papillary tumour foci were identified in the adjacent normal renal parenchyma.
In addition, patients of either sex, diagnosed with a papillary tumour and males with TCC had an increased relative risk of developing a second primary when compared to their respective reference populations.