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n. pl. pap·il·lo·mas or pap·il·lo·ma·ta (-mə-tə)
A small benign epithelial tumor, such as a wart, consisting of an overgrowth of cells on a core of smooth connective tissue.

pap′il·lo′ma·tous adj.
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Diagnostic cystoscopy confirmed the papillomatous lesion on the right side of the bladder at the 8 o'clock position (Figure 1).
The DNA from papillomatous tissue samples was isolated as per method of Sambrook et al.
previously proposed the following five diagnostic criteria for CARP; involvement of the upper trunk and neck, clinical findings of scaly brown macules and patches (at least a portion of which appear reticulated and papillomatous), negative fungal staining of lesions, lack of response to antifungal therapy, and excellent response to minocycline therapy.
Treatment of RRP entails surgical removal of the papillomatous lesions at regular intervals, with care taken not to overexcise lesions for fear of long-term voice compromise secondary to vocal fold fibrosis.
The cut surface showed a papillomatous growth (Figure 1).
CS has a heterogeneous clinical presentation [9]; clinical features include multiple hamartomas, macrocephaly, typical mucocutaneous lesions (trichilemmomas), acral keratosis, glycogenic acanthosis of the oesophagus, and papillomatous papules.
[10] As the name implies, the papillomatous proliferation of squamous epithelium instead of producing an exophytic growth extends into the mucosa, that is inverted.
The lesion had a papillomatous growth; atypical cells and clusters of nuclei were not found.
The papillomatous projections making up the verrucoid lesion generally show a parakerototic surface with marked underlying acanthosis.5 Koilocytosis of upper level epithelial cells is usually found.