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 (pä′pē-yōt′, păp′ē-)
1. A frilled paper cover used to decorate the bone end of a cooked chop or cutlet.
2. An oiled paper or foil wrapper in which certain foods are baked.

[French, from Old French, ornament for the hair, from feminine of papillot, diminutive of papillon, butterfly, from Latin pāpiliō, pāpiliōn-; see pavilion.]
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1. (Cookery) a paper frill around cutlets, etc
2. (Cookery) en papillote (French ɑ̃ papijɔt) (of food) cooked in oiled greaseproof paper or foil
[C18: from French papillon]
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(ˈpæp əˌloʊt; Fr. pa piˈyɔt)

a wrapping of foil or oiled paper in which food is cooked and often served.
[1740–50; < French, irreg. derivative of papillon butterfly. See papillon]
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His head was uncovered, and his hair neatly done up in papillotes. His dress was a tight-fitting swallow-tailed black coat (from one of whose pockets dangled a vast length of white handkerchief), black kerseymere knee-breeches, black stockings, and stumpy-looking pumps, with huge bunches of black satin ribbon for bows.
"Good heavens, what has happened!" thought Glorvina, trembling with all the papillotes.
En papillote a) Food cooked and served in paper b) Food cooked and served in banana leaves c) Food cooked and served in pastry 15.
"Try grilling or baking (particularly "en papillote," which is wrapping the fish in parchment paper with vegetables, herbs, and spices).
The French call this method en papillote, but we just call it brilliant.
Place 3 purses in each piece of foil and fold like papillote. Bake in oven 8 minutes, or until filling cooks through.
Little parcels of chunky white fillets 'en papillote' (wrapped in paper), which holds in all the flavours.
You can choose between options for the courses, such as the Salmon en papillote prepared with lemon and dill as the main course.
Celebrity chef Happy Ongpauco-Tiu shared some her tried-and-tested holiday recipes Moroccan-inspired Chicken Tagine Skewers, Aligue Creme Brulee and Salmon en Papillote in a Thanksgiving cooking demo held at Pottery Barn in Central Square, BGC.
Papillote Press, 2018, pp192, 7.99 [pounds sterling]
I chose the honey glazed bbq spatchcock chicken, with Jersey lavender and citrus yoghurt ([pounds sterling]14.50) while Tom tucked into a whole plaice en papillote at [pounds sterling]18.
Seafood is cooked en papillote: first wrapped in tinfoil with butter, garlic and lots of onion, and then grilled rather than baked.