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Adj.1.papistical - of or relating to or supporting Romanism; "the Roman Catholic Church"
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This son of a Scotch tyrant--this grandson of a Papistical and adulterous Scotch woman, whose death proved that a golden crown doth not always save an anointed head from the block--"
But even the novelty and painfulness of his going to a Papistical land could no displace for long Mr and Mrs Clare's natural interest in their son's marriage.
This dignitary, conferring in secrecy with John Rokesmith on the subject of punch and wines, bent his head as though stooping to the Papistical practice of receiving auricular confession.
but only upon Birth-Right: In addition, that the chief Cause of all, or most Rebellions in Christendom, is a Papistical and Fanatical belief, that temporal Dominion is founded on Grace: Written on Occasion of the Czar of Muscovys Reasons in his late Manifesto for the Disherison of his Eldest son, from the succession of the Crown (London: Boreham, 1718).
of old A minister was slain because, Royalists allege, he shouted "that the King was a perjured, Papistical king".
In fact, not one but two nineteenth-century memoranda pasted into the book explicitly point out what one calls "the angry papistical note on fo.
The second part of the tract is an analysis of the four counter-arguments made by those who have promoted and maintained female rule: the examples of Deborah and Hulda, (2) the example of the "doughters of Zalphead" who were successful in claiming their father's inheritance (Joshua 17), the consent of the estates, and, finally, long custom "together with some Papistical lawes" (402).