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Noun1.pappa - an informal term for a fatherpappa - an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk
begetter, father, male parent - a male parent (also used as a term of address to your father); "his father was born in Atlanta"
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Online Public International Open Competition published in the Official Journal of the European Union for the emergence supplier -chorigiti with sealed bids for the Supply of motor fuels, heating and lubricant (heating oil, diesel, gasoline and lubricant and unleaded) for the needs of the Municipality Emmanuel Pappas and Legal staff, based award a.
In this study, we have demonstrated that a balanced RNA allelic expression of the pregnancy-specific PAPPA gene in the placenta and the monoallelic expression of the imprinted maternally expressed H19 gene can be observed in the maternal plasma.
Aside from the 93 renowned brands that have already opened, shoppers are now able to enjoy their time at the latest additions which include Swiss Bakery, Merinos Carpet, Dunkin Donuts, Arte Madrid, Anmar Couture, Pappa Rotti, Hatam, Mom & Me, Bottega Del Gelato, Spring Field, The Face Shop and FA Sports Cafe.
MEADE Joe Loving husband of the late Jeanie, devoted dad to his girls, cherished Pappa to his grandchildren.
It was best summed up by a small Italian girl, who, when Pappa told her it had been "an adventure," replied "no, a misadventure".
He will be joined by Guy Gerber, Jozif, Dave Seaman, Anthony Pappa and Pete Gooding.
Earlier this week, Limassol's Q bar claimed the world's largest (1,000 litre) mojito, and in 2008 Cypriot DJ G Pappa performed a 105 hour set at the Dot club.
This emphasis on paternal leave highlights the cultural acknowledgment of the roles that fathers play in their children's lives and provides a conducive policy-level climate for programs like "LAS for Mej, Pappa.
Polioce are also looking for a man named Shakeel Pappa, said to be a smuggler.
If it's true, the would-be rapper really does take after his pappa.
Trouble lies not so much with the couples as with their relatives: Lara's estranged Pappa, Boman Irani and Deepika's angry brother, Arjun Rampal.
a Pappa G Middleton, Redhouse's aging but charismatic owner, busted out some rhymes with Hotline beat-boxing on the sidelines.