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A very thin flatbread made with lentil flour, often crisped by deep-frying or grilling.

[Tamil : Hindi pāpaṛ (from Prakrit pappaḍa-, from Sanskrit parpaṭaḥ) + -am, n. suff.]
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First and Business Class passengers will also be served Kerala-style pappadam and piquant mango pickle.
The woman who gave her name as Chai said the other customer seemed impatient and grabbed the entire container of pappadam from the serving counter and took it back to his table where he hogged it, instead of waiting for the staff to dish them out on a plate.
Among some of the vegetarian dishes cooked by the tourists were Sambhar (made of vegetables and spices), Avial (made of vegetables and coconut sauce),Cucumber Kichadi, Garlic Rasam, Koottu Thoran (steamed or fried vegetables with mustard seed and spices), Pachadi (made of pumpkin, coconut milk and curd with green chilly), Olan (beans and gourds mixed with spices), Parippu Curry, Pappadam and Payasam (made of sugared rice or noodles, served as dessert).