pappataci fever

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pap·pa·ta·ci fever

[Italian pappataci, sandfly : pappare, to eat (from Latin pappāre, from pappa, food) + -taci, silently (from tacito, past participle of tacere, to be silent, from Latin tacēre).]
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Noun1.pappataci fever - a mild viral disease transmitted by the bite of the sand fly Phlebotomus papatasii
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We used the keywords "sand fly," "Phlebovirus," "Bunyaviridae," "Phenuiviridae," "sand fly fever," "pappataci fever," "three-day fever," "sand-fly fever," "Toscana virus," "Sicilian virus," "Naples virus," "SFSV," and "SFNV" matched with "Balkan," "Balkan Peninsula," "Yugoslavia," "Slovenia," "Croatia," "Bosnia-Herzegovina," "Macedonia," "Republic of Macedonia," "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia," "FYROM," "RoM," "Albania," "Bulgaria," "Greece," "Montenegro," "Romania," "Moldova," "Serbia," and "Kosovo" for the research.
Sandfly fever, sometimes known as pappataci fever or Phlebotomus fever, is a vector transmitted viral illness with a history of affecting naive military formations that travel through or fight in areas where the infection is endemic.
Sandfly fever, also known as 'three-day fever' or 'pappataci fever' or 'Phlebotomus fever' is a viral infection that causes self-limited influenza-like symptoms and characterized by a rapid onset.