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n. pl. pap·pi (păp′ī)
A modified calyx, composed of scales, bristles, or featherlike hairs, in plants of the composite family, such as the dandelion and the thistle.

[Latin, old man, down on certain seeds, from Greek pappos; see papa in Indo-European roots.]

pap′pose (-ōs) adj.


n, pl pappi (ˈpæpaɪ)
(Botany) a ring of fine feathery hairs surrounding the fruit in composite plants, such as the thistle; aids dispersal of the fruits by the wind
[C18: via New Latin, from Greek pappos grandfather, old man, old man's beard, hence: pappus, down]
ˈpappose, ˈpappous adj


(ˈpæp əs)

n., pl. pap•pi (ˈpæp aɪ)
a downy, bristly, or other tuftlike appendage of the achene of certain plants, as the dandelion and thistle.
[1695–1705; < New Latin < Greek páppos down, literally, grandfather (taken as greybeard, white hairs, down)]
pap′pose (-oʊs) adj.
pap′pous (-əs) adj.
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Noun1.pappus - calyx composed of scales or bristles or featherlike hairs in plants of the Compositae such as thistles and dandelionspappus - calyx composed of scales or bristles or featherlike hairs in plants of the Compositae such as thistles and dandelions
calyx - (botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud; usually green
thistledown - pappus of a thistle consisting of silky featherlike hairs attached to the seed-like fruit of a thistle
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The case FIR (23/2013) was registered on the complainant of Arshad Pappus widow under Sections 302 (premeditated murder), 365 (kidnapping with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine person), 297 (trespassing on burial place, etc.
Surveying in September or October, when the white pappus of plants provide a better contrast to the landscape, may increase detectabilty and increase sampling efficiency (B.
Although livestock mortality is rare, it appears to be due to enteritis caused by the barbed pappus bristles on the seed, which can puncture the small intestine wall (Philbey and Morton 2000).
For instance, in his commentary on Book V of Ptolemy's Almagest, Pappus of Alexandria gave a description of this instrument.
Should the hairy crown become wet at the time of its opening, the hydroscopic pappus cannot spread apart the thistle-filaments needed to increase the disseminule's aerodynamic profile.
Half a millennium later, Pappus, another Greek mathematician, inscribed a succession of ever-decreasing circles inside the arbelos.
Kalu Current was allegedly the right hand of Lyaris gangster Ghaffar Zikri who presently commanded the Arshad Pappu group after Pappus arrest.
Games on configurations have been reported in Word Ways before (See (1) and (2)) and this game turns out to be isomorphic to the Pappus configuration with the following misgraph.
The social element consists, for example, in Descartes's having encountered the problem of Pappus in 1631 by way of Jacobus Golius, a professor at Leiden where Descartes had enrolled in 1630.
Fermat was also very much influenced by Apollonius, Pappus, and Diophantos [42, p.
His narrative is broadly chronological, beginning with the rediscovery of classical sources including Archimedes and Pappus by dal Monte, Stevin, Benedetti, the young Galileo, and others and continuing through discussion of the work of Galileo and his disciples and the rise of mechanical philosophy and Descartes.