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pap·py 1

adj. pap·pi·er, pap·pi·est
Of or resembling pap; mushy.

pap·py 2

n. pl. pap·pies Informal

[Diminutive of papa.]


adj, -pier or -piest
resembling pap; mushy


n, pl -pies
US an informal word for father


(ˈpæp i)

n., pl. -pies.
Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. father.
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pappy 1

Yielding easily to pressure or weight; not firm:

pappy 2

Informal. A male parent:
Informal: dad, daddy, pa, papa, pop.
Slang: old man.


n (US inf) → Papi m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
She seemed in a trance; when she came out of it, she muttered, "When I 'uz a-washin' 'em in de tub, yistiddy, he own pappy asked me which of 'em was his'n.
Dog my cats if it ain't all I kin do to tell t' other fum which, let alone his pappy.
Yo' pappy would sell him to somebody, sometime, en den he'd go down de river, sho', en I couldn't, couldn't, couldn't stan' it.
I believe that Uncle Dick Slack, who was billed as "The Jolly Irishman," may have sponsored Grand Pappy Jones, another hillbilly favorite, possibly on KMOX at the time.
Chris Magee flew Corsairs with Pappy Boyington's "Black Sheep" of VMF-214 and, with nine kills, was second only to Pappy as the squadron's top ace.
s pappy, used to face such rowdy protects in Portland that he dubbed it "Little Beirut.
The 49-year-old is the lead singer and songwriter for the Pappy Johns Band, which stole the spotlight by winning four trophies at the fourth annual Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held on Nov.
This year's presentation of the awards show saw the addition of the Award Ceremony Orchestra directed by Donald Quan and featuring the vocals of Faron Johns of the Pappy Johns Band, along with Juno nominee ElizaBeth Hill.
Pappy kept 12 to 15 sows and fed them that way from when I can first remember up until the early 1960s.
My uncle was the Marine head mechanic for Pappy Boyington during the war,'' Benson said.