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 (păp′yo͞ol) also pap·u·la (-yə-lə)
n. pl. pap·ules also pap·u·lae (-yə-lē′)
A small, solid, usually inflammatory elevation of the skin that does not contain pus.

[Latin papula.]

pap′u·lar (-yə-lər) adj.
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The Papula Chronicles and other U-Vistract propaganda such as the International Bank of Meekamui website (www.
Kevin Papula, a PCA owner in Mechanicsburg, PA since 2009, believes his customer service duties go beyond the walls of his store and offers local hospitalized patients bedside notary service.
The Governor of Erbil, Nawzad Hadi, recently summoned me to his office and told me he will allocate me a plot of 9,000 square meters at Papula Park [Butterfly Park] to relocate my zoo.
A papula had developed near his right knee in 1992 after a wood splinter had penetrated the skin.
Dr Ulijaszek found that obesity rates were as high as 54pc in Papula New Guinea and 77pc in the Pacific.