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a.1.Deviating from circularity; changing the distance from a center.
Paracentric curve
(Math.) a curve having the property that, when its plane is placed vertically, a body descending along it, by the force of gravity, will approach to, or recede from, a fixed point or center, by equal distances in equal times; - called also a paracentric.
Paracentric motion
the motion or velocity of a revolving body, such as a planet, by which it approaches to, or recedes from, the center, without reference to its motion in space, or to its motion as reckoned in any other direction.
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A different fundamental arm number, which may be attributed to the intra-chromosomal changes involving pericentric and paracentric inversion, suggests an origin from the same primitive ancestor.
Other rearrangements involving 12q14~q15, such as paracentric inversions, have also been reported.
Either a paracentric inversion of chromosome 10, or a reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 10 and 17, result in a RET/PTC fusion gene, placing the tyrosine kinase domain of RET (usually constitutively silent in follicular cells) under the transcriptional control of constitutively active genes.
Iron bars and paracentric keys are fast becoming antiques.