parachute in


w>parachute in

vt sep troopsmit dem Fallschirm absetzen; suppliesabwerfen
vi(mit dem Fallschirm) abspringen
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Autonomous Emergency systems are responsible for deploying the parachute in case of a critical failure (e.g., lost radio control signal or electrical or engine failure) [34].
Doctor: you tell them you need to run more tests, then take the parachute in order to make your next appointment.
The 82nd Airborne Division will receive the new parachute in 2009.
The 82nd Airborne Division will receive the new parachute in 2009-2011, and T-10s will be replaced Army-wide by 2014.
Steber's parachute and would automatically open the dog's parachute in case they would ever need to bail out.
The colonel explained that formation flying involves maneuvering a parachute in flight to "dock" with another parachute.
Parachutes deploy by pulling out the rip cords, said Hogue, so the parachute in the trainer "has rip cord capability, and when you pull on them, you get your parachute out." That action is simulated on the computer.
The analysis also considers the sales of the parachute in APAC, Europe, MEA, North America, and South America.