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1. An apparatus used to retard free fall from an aircraft, consisting of a light, usually hemispherical canopy attached by cords to a harness and worn or stored folded until deployed in descent.
2. Any of various similar unpowered devices that are used for retarding free-speeding or free-falling motion.
v. par·a·chut·ed, par·a·chut·ing, par·a·chutes
To drop (supplies or troops, for example) by means of a parachute.
To descend by means of a parachute.

[French : para(sol), parasol; see parasol + chute, fall; see chute.]

par′a·chut′ic adj.
par′a·chut′ist, par′a·chut′er n.
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Noun1.parachuter - a person who jumps from aircraft using a parachuteparachuter - a person who jumps from aircraft using a parachute
jumper - a person who jumps; "as the jumper neared the ground he lost control"; "the jumper's parachute opened"
skydiver - a person who jumps from a plane and performs various gymnastic maneuvers before pulling the parachute cord
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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed they responded to "the sudden death of a parachuter" on Saturday evening.
'We are not the Parachuter's, those who were taken votes from the innocent people and vanish from the constituency, adding that the MMA is always concern over public issues and determine to resolve those issues at any cost', Hafiz Naeem added.
Il faut bien se dire que l'experience de faire parachuter, par des moyens frauduleux, une armada d'energumenes de la meme couleur politique [beaucoup moins que]privilegiee[beaucoup plus grand que] est un fiasco.
A Norwegian parachuter fell to his death in 2005 after attempting the jump.
One rated potential parachuter tipped by national party figures is Ruth Smeeth, who stood in Burton in 2010.
Another striking look was a parachuter's jumpsuit, paired with beige platforms and a pretty red and white striped long dress had bows on the shoulders.
People might be surprised to learn that I'm really a parachuter.
Then a parachuter drops into the arena carrying a gigantic American flag, two FA-18 planes buzz the bleachers, and, with a hearty "Hya!," a blond cowgirl races her palomino across the track so fast that they become a golden blur.