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1. An apparatus used to retard free fall from an aircraft, consisting of a light, usually hemispherical canopy attached by cords to a harness and worn or stored folded until deployed in descent.
2. Any of various similar unpowered devices that are used for retarding free-speeding or free-falling motion.
v. par·a·chut·ed, par·a·chut·ing, par·a·chutes
To drop (supplies or troops, for example) by means of a parachute.
To descend by means of a parachute.

[French : para(sol), parasol; see parasol + chute, fall; see chute.]

par′a·chut′ic adj.
par′a·chut′ist, par′a·chut′er n.
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(Aeronautics) the hobby, sport, or practice of landing by parachute from an aircraft
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Noun1.parachuting - descent with a parachuteparachuting - descent with a parachute; "he had done a lot of parachuting in the army"
skydiving - performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute
descent - the act of changing your location in a downward direction
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[ˈpærəʃuːtɪŋ] nparachutisme m freefall parachuting
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Parachuting teddies will be in SASstyle who 'bears' wins action as they make the leap from the tower of a Telford church as part of a community fun day on Saturday.
It's his job to ensure the equipment used is up to the task - and when you're parachuting from thousands of feet, that's a pretty crucial role!
QNA Doha The Joint Special Forces on Thursday celebrated the graduation of the 13 Parachuting course for the 14th batch of the candidates of Ahmed Bin Mohammed Military College for the training season 2018/2019.
The course included a number of tests to assess the graduates' readiness for parachuting, parachute testing and emergency procedures.
To avoid attack during war time, parachuting would take place as close to the ground as possible.
"This was my first highlevel skydive and whilst I was a little nervous I have always enjoyed the thrill of parachuting.
"This was my first highlevel skydive and whilst I was little nervous I have always enjoyed the thrill of parachuting.
This was Chin's eleventh time parachuting. Officers like him have completed all basic parachute training and re-education training, and were properly prepared, officials said.
It must also be reliable, to eliminate possible mistakes and unintentional firing of the parachute [19], because unnecessary parachuting at low altitude can damage objects on the ground.
A disaster almost occurred during a parachuting exercise when a military plane passed through a parachute landing route just as the paratroopers jumped from the plane and opened parachutes.