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a. An organized public procession on a festive or ceremonial occasion.
b. The participants in such a procession.
a. A regular place of assembly for reviews of troops. Also called parade ground.
b. A formal review of marching military troops.
c. The troops taking part in such a review.
3. A line or extended group of moving persons or things: a parade of strollers on the mall.
4. An extended, usually showy succession: a parade of fads and styles.
5. An ostentatious show; an exhibition: make a parade of one's talents.
6. A public square or promenade.
v. pa·rad·ed, pa·rad·ing, pa·rades
1. To take part in a parade; march in a public procession: The circus performers and animals paraded down Main Street.
2. To assemble for a ceremonial military review or other exercise.
3. To stroll in public, especially so as to be seen; promenade.
4. To behave so as to attract attention; show off.
1. To cause to take part in a parade: paraded the floats past city hall.
2. To assemble (troops) for a ceremonial review.
3. To march or walk through or around: parade the campus.
4. To exhibit ostentatiously; flaunt: paraded their wealth. See Synonyms at show.

[Probably French, action of stopping a horse, from Old Spanish parada, from Vulgar Latin *parāta, from feminine past participle of Latin parāre, to prepare; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

pa·rad′er n.
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Noun1.parader - walks with regular or stately stepparader - walks with regular or stately step  
pedestrian, footer, walker - a person who travels by foot
pivot, pivot man - the person in a rank around whom the others wheel and maneuver
wheeler - the man at the outermost end of the rank in wheeling
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Apres une pause au salon d`honneur, les Fennecs sont ensuite montes dans le bus a imperiale specialement amenage qu'il leur a ete reserve pour parader dans les rues d'Alger, ou les attendait depuis la matinee une maree humaine.
My admiration for three-timer parader Kate, right, has just gone up enormously.
Fatiha Zaki recourt donc au personnage de la femme dont elle resout la representation de facon significative : le sujet/femme est souvent pris de dos, dans une pose mysterieuse, il est drape de cet habit identitaire (le caftan), qui montre le personnage comme en train de parader, les epaules nues et la coiffure soignee.
In 2006, Hit Parader ranked Stapp as the 68th greatest heavy metal vocalist of all time.
Les esthetes ne sont, d'ailleurs, pas absents de la Recherche, ou on voit parader des poseurs tels que Bloch, Legrandin, les Verdurin, l'esthete Bergotte, le dilettante Ski ou le plus raffine des artistes manques, le grand idolatre Charles Swann.
Nous avons toutefois appele les manifestants a se retirer des abords du ministere de l'Interieur et parader pacifiquement sur la place Tahrir [beaucoup plus grand que].
A 55-year-old-mother is standing watching the parade and is shot dead by a parader, and the Times is furious because some cop texted to another that the shooter was an animal?
Conversely, some American publications that one might expect to see (such as Hit Parader and Circus) are absent.
With the blogger and the viewer replacing the pamphleteer and the parader, politicians focus on marketing themselves and their causes to passive consumers rather than mobilizing passionate soldiers.
* Lincoln won the under 15 Years Parader competition.