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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Once known as heaven on earth, the paradisical importance of the violent valley is celebrated in muted shades of innocence and redemption in this gentle saga of love trust and belief during times of acute strife.
(3: 246) This original Edenic or paradisical vision of Virginia, formulated and communicated as such by Raleigh's reconnaissance team, was repeatedly evoked in the reports and accounts of the early planters.
Defined by a minimalist aesthetic and its enchanting leather accents, the Eden collection feature bags that are functional and cleverly designed - making it an ideal choice for hardworking women with a penchant for paradisical weekend adventures.
Meeting Rimmell online in 2010, they eventually collaborated in inventing the mythology of the paradisical garden called Fernalia, the setting of a satire on Prometheus and Zeus featuring Metehuia and Tzihuia and a goddess from the Ocean Garden, Chianuia.
In fact, the paradisical vision with which Shabine's voyage ends is read as "an experience of genuine human closeness, solidarity, or communitas, despite his criticism of that society" (215).
Japan's forced opening up to the world in the 1850s was still recent, and the period's artists and aesthetes were enchanted by what they saw as a paradisical country untouched by modernity, in a state of timeless antiquity that contact with the West threatened to shatter.
Then Alice gets an email from Megan which leads to her being able, via the computer, to 'visit' her sister and other beautiful dead people at a paradisical place called Soul Beach--clearly based on escapist travel advertisements.
Those encounters may be deemed of as unique and idiosyncratic, or to be a regaining of a primordial experience of plenitude, namely a paradisical state, or on the contrary, an anticipation of the ideal life in the eschaton.
The ferry across this paradisical lake takes around 20 minutes, and anyone coming from the centre of lovely little Prien can reach the pier on a quirky little Thomas the Tank Engine narrow-gauge railway, whose chuffy hoots can be heard all over the village.
But in a prescient article entitled "The Direct Primary" written in 1909, during the high-water mark of Progressive enthusiasm for reform, Princeton political scientist Henry Jones Ford warned that the direct primary might take power out of the hands of party chiefs, but it would not result in a paradisical people's democracy.
As a result, however, he did not enjoy the paradisical fantasies he had hoped for, but was tormented by a long-lasting psychosis.
Mansfield writes about Ingleton from a soft purgatory in the paradisical Seychelles where he hopes to be invisible to various spook organizations.