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 (păr′ə-dôr′, pä′rä-thôr′, -dôr′)
n. pl. par·a·dors or par·a·dor·es (-thō′rĕs, -dō′-)
A country hotel owned by the government of Spain.

[Spanish, from parar, to stop, from Latin parāre, to prepare; see parade.]


(ˈpærədɔː; Spanish ˈparaðor)
n, pl -dors or -dores
a state-run hotel in Spain


(ˈpær əˌdɔr)

a government-sponsored inn, esp. in Spain.
[1835–45; < Sp: wayside inn, hostelry]
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The ministry earlier chosen Paradores to conduct a comprehensive study for development of forts and castles and transform them into heritage-style hotels.
easyJet, the UK based airline, is partnering with Spanish hotel brand, the Paradores de Turismo de Espana, for its website visitors.
Hotel Atlantico, Parador de Corias, Parador de Ibiza Spain to Open Paradores in Cadiz, Asturias, Balearic Islands.
For tourists seeking more than just a place to lay their heads after days of exhausting sightseeing, Spain's paradores (www.
for Puerto Rico's 24 Paradores inns, which are only available through the booking engine and provides a simple, user-friendly format.
They are not particularly cheap - bed and breakfast costs from around pounds 35pp per night to pounds 90pp at the more popular paradores.
Through April 2006, selected Paradores throughout the island are offering guests a special 3-day, 2-night rate of $299 (two adults per room).
That's because the properties, known as paradores in Spain and the pousadas in Portugal, are owned and restored by the respective governments.
Next stop was the ancient town of Trujillo, 125 miles from Madrid, where we stayed at one of the region's excellent Paradores.
Puerto Rico also features a variety of accommodations ranging from luxury resorts to unique boutique hotels and Paradores.
One can try different origins at the same Paradore, or the same origin at different Paradores, and in this writer's experience the quality of the selection will be far more than acceptable -- It will be a delightful surprise.
The Arcos de la Frontera is part of the paradores chain, an umbrella organisation for upmarket hotels in Spain.