(ˌpærəˌdɒksɪˈkælɪtɪ) ,






the action or quality of being paradoxical
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People's disastrous situation is in some measure an effect of the paradoxicality of the anthropomorphic design.
Noting Aquinas's explicit rejection of the apocryphal stories, Dzon uses his thinking as a structure with which to explore a series of wider discussions about the apocryphal infancy narrative traditions, the paradoxicality of the Incarnate God, and representations of Christ's youth and expressions of anti-Judaism.
Smilansky argues that rejecting the connection between obligation and complaint is unhelpful because "[i]ts systematic rejection, and what this would imply, seems merely to change the paradoxicality rather than to solve it." Id.
In the same vein, Peter Connor sees the coincidence of opposites as the key to Bataille's thought and Michael Richardson considers paradoxicality a reason to deem Bataille a trickster (99).
Their intractability relates to their paradoxicality: they are both a result of and hindrance to local economic activity.
The account combines epistemicism about truth with a proof-theoretic diagnosis of paradoxicality. The aim is to combine a substantive philosophical account of truth with a more rigorous and technical diagnosis of the source of paradox for further consideration by logicians.
Yet both of these, in their very paradoxicality, would appear to "worldly" persons as fools.
The point is pushed a bit far when Varga contends that the new corporate demand for authenticity, because of its inherent paradoxicality (serving capitalist interests while purporting to serve individuals' interests), results in a pathological "exhaustion of the self" (149) and even helps to explain the epidemic rise in depression and prescription anti-depressants.
"Ambiguity, Multiplicity and Paradoxicality: Symbols and Archetype in The Scarlet Letter." Foreign Literature Studies 1 (2000): 121-25.
The MEQ assesses experiences of internal unity, external unity, transcendence of time and space, ineffability, paradoxicality, sacredness, noetic quality, and positive mood.
It is the paradoxicality rightly associated with masking--that phenomenon invoked by Bergman's title--by David Napier (Napier 1-29).
is susceptible of any determinate answer whatsoever--is rather the infinite paradoxicality of its essential non-essentiality and the infinite negation of its relation to its own identity and affirmation.