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n.1.An avant-garde movement in literature, art, and philosophy, based on excessive used of antitheses, antinomies, contradictions, oxymorons, and paradoxes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In Chapter 6, the contribution of Daniela Gifu (Senior Lecturer at the University of Iaci, Romania) gives relevance to the "religious humor" in the reference system created by the two mega-concepts launched and imposed by Florentin Smarandache, neu trosophy and paradoxism. In Chapter 7, prepared by Professor Mihaela Gabriel Paun (a Romanian language and literature teacher), focuses on the neutrosophic determining of Romanian popular incidences in the brilliant sculptural work of Romanian artist Constantin Brancuci (an unstoppable spiritual-aesthetic river appeared out of everyday folk tributaries).
Florentin Smarandache is also known as the founder of "paradoxism" (established in 1980).
The whole of Distihul Paradoxism can be a parable, hyperbole, or unified geometrical eclipse at the frontier of art, philosophy, rebus, and mathematics.
and guided by the fact that the law of excluded middle did not work any longer in the modern logics, I combined the non-standard analysis with a tri-component logic/set/probability theory and with philosophy (I was excited by paradoxism in science and arts and letters, as well as by paraconsistency and incompleteness in knowledge).
individualism can be characterized as an epistemology that is biased towards isolationism, reductionism, eclecticism and determinism (Cowan 1994), whereas Chinese collectivism can be characterized as an epistemology biased towards holism, dynamism and paradoxism. Whilst Americans tend to see an individual or an entity as an identity delineated by a sharply drawn boundary separating itself from its context, Chinese tend to see an individual or an entity as part of a larger system, in which holistically interrelated elements have overlapping and changing boundaries, which can thus never be fully understood if separated from their context (Khin 1988).
Through value dissociation, or the dissociation of paradoxism, presidents pay homage to both values at conflict in a crisis, but nonetheless make the value that best supports their position subservient to the other.
What follows is a summary of my universal [1] and unifying [2] metaphysics [3], theology [4], philosophy [5], ontology [6], soteriology [7] or realistic [8] paradoxical [9] mysticism [10], which I decided to call (thanks to Edward Thomas Hood) Metaphysical Paradoxism [11].
Neutrosophy and its derivatives are generalizations of the paradoxism (1980), which is a vanguard in literature, arts, and science, based on finding common things to opposite ideas (i.e.
Expositions of neutrosophy might be difficult to understand, since Smarandache (as "leader of paradoxism") is fond of paradoxes, such as "All is possible, the impossible too!".
Professor Florentin Smarandache from the University of New Mexico, United States, has deduced the existence of particles moving faster-than-light in a published paper called "There Is No Speed Barrier in the Universe" in 1998 [3], as an extension of a 1972 manuscript [4] that he also presented in 1993 at the conference Paradoxism in Literature and Science held in the Universidad de Blumenau, Brazil.
To speak "in dodii" (Romanian--meaning both nonsenses and oracles) can hopefully oppose some repressing censorship while paradoxism, with mathematical touch, may also encode skillfully the creative work.