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Green-fingered Terry Walton - a former South Wales Echo columnist who found fame broadcasting from his allotment on the Jeremy Vine Show on BBC Radio Two - used a paraffin heater to protect his veg from frost.
Terry Walton, 73, who broadcasts from his allotment for the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2, used a paraffin heater to protect his veg after a frost alert.
"We are urging everyone to install a carbon monoxide alarm in every room where there's a fuel-burning appliance such as a paraffin heater, gas boiler/cooker or soil fuel fire."
Some like it hot If you decide to keep the greenhouse frost-free using a paraffin heater, leave one window slightly ajar to prevent a build-up of moisture which will promote fungi.
We had a little pressurised paraffin heater that served as a stove and the heating system when it got cold at night, a black frying pan, an old black kettle, and some old knives and forks to complete the culinary equipment.
The January snow and cold competed with our sole Paraffin heater - brought in to use as the gas supply failed once more.
Even our lean-to bathroom, newly constructed by my father and grandfather, and which boasted a shiny new electric fire on the wall with a string pull to switch it on and off, had an ineradicable chill; at least until Dad laid hands on a second hand paraffin heater which hissed and popped and gave off a chemical stink as it squatted in the corner of the room.
I can still remember the smell of the paraffin heater, the brown swirl of the carpeting, as Safe European Home smashed out of the speakers.
A 70-year-old man has died in hospital of severe burns after a paraffin heater exploded at his home in Knighton, Mid Wales, on Friday.
A MERSEYSIDE man died after an overturned paraffin heater sparked a caravan blaze.
"That meant there would be no more need to go out and bring coal in to light a fire and no more use for the paraffin heater we used to gather round as children getting school on a winter's Being able to do that pleased me a great deal.