paraffin oil

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Noun1.paraffin oil - (British usage) kerosine
coal oil, kerosene, kerosine, lamp oil - a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters
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WHEN a woman threw a paraffin oil lamp at her husband as he returned from work, it exploded and he died from his burns.
Then later, Roy finds everything in a recycling bin at work - and it stinks of paraffin oil. He confronts Carla, but will she tell him the truth about the fire?
But in 2017, when a carpet python swallowed a tennis ball, a vet nurse and snake handler Trish Prendergast used a thick coat of paraffin oil and gentle massaging motions to remove the tennis ball stuck its throat.
Back then, the house was lit and heated using paraffin oil lamps and candles.
Central composite design was applied to statistical optimization of colloidal silica and paraffin oil mixture for the modeling of oleogel delivery system.
'I grew up in an attap house, using paraffin oil lamps for light and water from the well to cook and clean ourselves.
Since limited study was conducted systematically on the spinning of UPE/LDPE blending gel, this article focused on UPE/LDPE blending gels in paraffin oil with different solid contents in order to obtain PE fibers of high strength and low cost.
Regular and LP-PDMS plates (10mmx10mm) with a hole (1mm diameter) punctured by biopsy punch (Kai Corp, Japan) were attached to a 35-mm cell culture dish and incubated in 2 mL in mSOFM covered with 2 mL paraffin oil at 39[degrees]C in 5% C[O.sub.2], 5% [O.sub.2], and 90% [N.sub.2] with high humidity.
The carbon pastes were prepared by hand mixing an adequate amount of graphite powder and rare earth oxide powder with paraffin oil using a pestle and mortar for at least 30 minutes in the case of each batch.
Sian Williams, leading on the incident for Natural Resources Wales, said: We are trying to establish what it is, but it could be something like vegetable or paraffin oil."
The apparatus comprises one urethral catheterization plate, one piece of whole towel, one pair of sterile gloves, one sterile silicone catheter with double gasbag cavity (8Fr, Zhanjiang Star Enterprise Co., Ltd.), three curved pliers (20 cm), one set of pediatric laryngoscopes (E - MAC1 number: 93 mm x 11 mm, handle: rough handle, Beijing Belta Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd.), one syringe (20 ml), 5 ml aseptic paraffin oil (Suzhou Saipahan special oil limited company).
Three retardants 1) trinexapac-ethyl (Moddus 250 EC, 25.5%); 2) chlormequat (Antywylegacz plynny 725 SL, 72.5%), 3) prohexadione calcium (Regalis 10 WG, 10%) were applied separately at full (recommended) doses: 100g [ha.sup.-1] of trinexapac-ethyl (TE); 1450g [ha.sup.-1] of chlormequat (CCC) and 50g [ha.sup.-1] of prohexadione calcium (PC) and as a tank-mix with organosilicone surfactant 80g [ha.sup.-1] (Slippa; 90%) or paraffin oil adjuvant 1140g [ha.sup.-1] (Atpolan 80 EC, 80%) in reduced doses: TE--50g [ha.sup.-1]; CCC--725g [ha.sup.-1] and PC--37g [ha.sup.-1] respectively.