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A nonrigid, parachutelike, usually nylon airfoil of ribbed or cellular construction, used especially in kites and paragliders.

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a nonrigid aerofoil inflated by the wind, used in kites and paragliders
[C20: para(chute) + (aero)foil]
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In "Analytical Study on Deformation and Structural Safety of Parafoil" by L.
Things are more complicated with steerable parachutes, as they are aerodynamic surfaces for which the lift-to-drag ratio is important, as is predictable behaviour when the shape of the parafoil is warped by the parachutist's control lines.
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World View said it is one step closer to launching manned voyages after successfully flying the first parafoil from the edge of space at a record-breaking height of 102,200 feet.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2015-World View flies parafoil from 102,200 feet
As if to prove it was serious, a week after the announcement the Chinese government tested out an unmanned aerial vehicle with a glide parachute--also known as a parafoil drone--over an airport in central China's Hubei province.
By choosing one of the longitudinal stabilizations we use a series of aerodynamic profiles corresponding to the momentary coefficient (low values), as examples we choose Phoenix and Clark YH profiles for plank and swept wings and MH 91 for parafoil wings (see figure 3)[2, 3].
"In addition to the lower-cost guidance unit, (PM-FSS has) actually (developed and used a one-time-use, much) lower-cost parafoil," Meloni added.
The original plan was for Genesis to deploy a drogue parachute and then a parafoil to slow its screaming re-entry from space; helicopters flown by professional daredevils hired by NASA would have swooped in to hook the capsule and lower it gently to the ground in western Utah.