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Any of several genera of paramyxoviruses that are similar to the viruses that cause influenza and are associated with various respiratory infections, especially in children.


(ˌpær əˌɪn fluˈɛn zə)

an influenzalike respiratory infection, caused by any of several paramyxoviruses.


n parainfluenza
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The drug candidate works by preventing all types and strains of influenza virus from entering the airway epithelial cells, including avian influenza as well as parainfluenza viruses.
When respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and parainfluenza vaccines reach the market, as is anticipated within the next several years, the routine use of these vaccines in pregnancy and in 6- to 23-month-olds also will be looked at, said Dr.
Among the infectious organisms that have been proposed are Yersinia enterocolitica, cytomegalovirus (CMV), human herpesvirus (HHV), varicella-zoster virus, parainfluenza virus, and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
Many, like parainfluenza virus and adenovirus, create mild symptoms that usually resolve without the need for treatment.
When organisms like the parainfluenza virus infect the pediatric airway, the entire airway swells.
Members of the paramyxovirus family include the parainfluenza viruses (which cause respiratory infections), the mumps virus, and the Newcastle disease virus (which affects birds).
The 6-in-1 vaccination, which also protects against distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and parvovirus, will be available for dogs eight weeks and older.
Adenovirus, Coronavirus HKU1, Cornonavirus NL63, Human Metapneumovirus, Influenza A, Influenza A subtype H1, Influenza A subtype H3, Influenza A subtype H1 2009, Influenza B, Parainfluenza virus 1, Parainfluenza virus 2, Parainfluenza virus 3, Parainfluenza virus 4, Rhinovirus/Enterovirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Appropriate viral tests had been arranged for the patients and all of them were confirmed positive to Parainfluenza Virus Type 3.
M2 PHARMA-October 27, 2017-Hologic Inc passes US FDA's 510(k) clearance for Panther Fusion Paraflu assay for Parainfluenza viruses 1, 2, 3 and 4
Biopharmaceutical company Ansun BioPharma reported on Tuesday the receipt of the Breakthrough Therapy Designation for its first-in-class experimental compound DAS181 for the treatment of lower respiratory tract parainfluenza virus (PIV) infection in immunocompromised patients.