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Of or relating to paralanguage or its study.

par′a·lin·guis′ti·cal·ly adv.
par′a·lin·guis′tics n.
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[ˌpærəlɪŋˈgwɪstɪk] ADJparalingüístico
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Such suppression of contempt and muting of opinions run close to Arendt's criticism about "withdrawal from the world into an interior realm." Yet, as Dodd has recently described in his study of discourse practices and language criticism in National Socialist Germany, an irretrievable aspect of inner-exile discourse is its relationship to the paralinguistic subtleties of spoken discourse.
(2016) have recommended using a minimalistic standard parameter set for the acoustic analysis of speech (GeMAPS) in paralinguistic voice analysis tasks.
According to Wang, speech is loaded with important paralinguistic information about the speaker including age, gender and even social class.
"The knowledge of other linguistic, paralinguistic, exolinguistic resources is equally important to professional, social and personal success in life." She explains that the linguistic context refers to culturally specific words from languages that are not necessarily spoken fluently; paralinguistic is a variation of pitch, tempo and loudness of voice, including the knowledge to use pauses effectively and strategically; and exolinguistic resources teach how to use body language and facial expressions as per cultural and social norms.
Evidence of this is the amount of paralinguistic elements in the design of web pages (Michelson & Alvarez, 2016), and text books (Bateman, 2008) in today's communicative environments (Alvarez, 2016a; Kress, 2010).
Keywords: Doctor-patient communication, Linguistics, Non-verbal cues, Paralinguistic cues, Qualitative research.
Polten applies her expert knowledge of classical literary form to show how Swinburne manipulates the prosody of Atalanta--adding and subtracting metrical beats to play with readers' expectations and produce paralinguistic effects--to evoke a lost ideal of Greekness and to cope with that loss.
Moreover, further research incorporating the use of video-recording would be desirable, so that paralinguistic information (i.e., gestures, gaze) could complement the verbalisation of requests, as suggested by Fredsted (2005).
Speaker Transcript English translation Paralinguistic notes (where applicable) In-flight changes can be seen broadly in the following examples;
In the Interspeech 2010, the paralinguistic challenge is organized for age/gender identification from voice [23].
Limitations: Paralinguistic and field notes were not recorded as interviews were audio recorded.
[9] Campbell, N., Perception of affect in speech--Toward an automatic processing of paralinguistic information in spoken conversation, in Proc.