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Of or relating to paralanguage or its study.

par′a·lin·guis′ti·cal·ly adv.
par′a·lin·guis′tics n.


[ˌpærəlɪŋˈgwɪstɪk] ADJparalingüístico
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Second, and consequently, as suggested here, the reading of the tabular is more experimental, and indeed more paralinguistically informed, as more options in relation to grouping, durations, pausing, style of enunciation, and so on have to be entertained.
Yet, the comprehension of spontaneous speech is facilitated through information delivered paralinguistically and kinesically, employing means such as intonation, pitch, loudness, voice quality, speech rate (Cameron, 2001; Chafe, 1994;), gesturing (Hostetter & Alibali, 2008), and facial movements (Flecha-Garcia, 2010).
The elated chief Nanga demonstrates the outpouring of emotions Paralinguistically (p.
Communicating what is known, paralinguistically, also require the learning of language of signs.
Through the study of his language, we find out that such solidarity is paralinguistically palpable on the weeping and the silence; linguistically, in the usage of the personal pronoums: "we" and "you", and discoursivelly, in the metaphorical image.
Despite an individual's attempts to hide such feelings, they often manifest themselves verbally, paralinguistically, or through body language (Harrington, 1992).