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The gallery's single, awkwardly off-center column engaged in parallactic play with any number of the wall pieces, while the room's L-shaped floor plan, which might have created a pocket of dead space, was transformed into an intriguing mystery, as carefully placed floor pieces peeked out from around the corner.
Wakefield can be appreciated as coarticulator of a ventriloquistic logos and choreographer of a telescopic parallactic vision.
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The distances were measured with a tape or using parallactic distance measurement method and the angles were measured with a one-second theodolite (Zeiss Theo 010, Wild T 2m, etc.
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The "umbilical cord" between these thrusts is the parallactic dynamic of jouissance: "that which we can never reach, attain, and that which we can never get rid of (Zizek, Parallax 115).