parallel evolution

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par′allel evolu′tion

the independent development of closely corresponding adaptive features in two or more groups of organisms that evolved in different but equivalent habitats.
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She uses evidence and perspectives from archaeology, history, art history, literature, and theology to discuss such topics as a parallel evolution: issues in vernacular architecture and the development of church building in Syria and Georgia, Symeon and his followers: stylitism as a cultural trend between Syria and Georgia, the Syrian bema and the Georgian pre-altar cross: a comparison of the liturgical furnishings of the nave in the two traditions, and the unknown factors: evidence from the cave monasteries and the significance of Georgian vernacular religion as a relic of earlier ritual practices.
It is problematic to clearly identify whether an idea has been borrowed, deliberately transmitted, appropriated, or is simply the result of some form of parallel evolution. A more recent, and exhaustive, history of a particular construct--the fabled 'Islands in the West'--can be found in Matthias Egeler's monograph, which charts the 'entanglement' of different legends of a transmarine paradise across Irish, Norse, Mediterranean, and Near East examples.
Argues that despite their differences, Tolkien and Orwell share a similar response to absolute power, as "parallel evolution in the imagination of two humane British fantasists with an interest in the moral implications of politics." Sees A Wizard of Earthsea as dealing with a similar problem but in psychological terms constrained by the coming-of-age theme.
* Does parallel evolution of traits conferring adaptations and reproductive isolation occur frequently in edaphic specialists?
The fundamental questions regarding genetic mutations are explored in relationship to natural selection and evolutionary drift (in which the frequency of gene variations shifts over generations) and in regard to parallel evolution (thus comparing and contrasting lineages that diverged in the past from a common ancestor), noting variously that mutation is random and adaptation is probabilistic.
Objects [a.sub.ij] and [[theta].sup.k] are passed to cells 1, 2, ..., t in parallel, using a parallel evolution mechanism in tissue-like P systems.
Philip Moore, founder of Mdesign, said: "The new presentation of the Electrical Room draws on the parallel evolution of Victorian magic and science.
Darwin at your service: parallel evolution makes good dinner partners According to study co-author Johan Auwerx, it would be surprising if urolithin A weren't effective in humans.
Axelle de Buffevent, the style director for Perrier-Jouet, notes that she was particularly taken by the idea of working with Mishima, because she sees a symbolic parallel evolution in the artist's technique and the Japanese anemones that normally bedeck the bottle.
More to the point, he has put the taxonomic cart before the analytic horse: given his interest in explaining behavioral differences, what Wade should be doing is identifying distinct behavioral groupings and then investigating whether any of them exhibit common ancestry or parallel evolution of different adaptations, as with Tibetan and Andean adaptations to high altitude.

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