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rectangular parallelepiped


 (păr′ə-lĕl′ə-pī′pĭd, -pĭp′ĭd)
A solid with six faces, each a parallelogram and each being parallel to the opposite face.

[Greek parallēlepipedon : parallēlos, parallel; see parallel + epipedon, plane surface, from neuter sing. of epipedos, level (epi-, epi- + pedon, ground; see ped- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˌpærəˌlɛləˈpaɪpɛd) or




(ˌpærəˌlɛləˈpaɪpɪdən) or


n, pl -pipeds or -pipeda (-paɪpɪdə)
(Mathematics) a geometric solid whose six faces are parallelograms
[C16: from Greek parallēlepipedon; from parallēlos parallel + epipedon plane surface, from epi- + pedon ground]


(ˌpær əˌlɛl əˈpaɪ pɪd, -ˈpɪp ɪd)

a prism with six faces, all parallelograms.
[1560–70; < Greek parallēlepípedon body with parallel surfaces]


A solid geometric figure having six faces, each one being a parallelogram.
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Noun1.parallelepiped - a prism whose bases are parallelogramsparallelepiped - a prism whose bases are parallelograms
prism - a polyhedron with two congruent and parallel faces (the bases) and whose lateral faces are parallelograms
cuboid - a rectangular parallelepiped
rhombohedron - a parallelepiped bounded by six similar faces (either rhombuses or parallelograms)


[ˌpærəˌleləˈpaɪped] Nparalelepípedo m


[ˌpærəˌlɛləˈpaɪpɛd] nparallelepipedo
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Demolition 3~135 m2 excavation (fixed) 3~000 m3 of new construction work 435 m1 of works pipelines wv 55 m1 foundation layers (loose) 2~785 m3 edge slopes 1~520 m1 parallelepiped walls 240 tbelages: ac 8l 75 tac 8s 50 tac 8 h nv + s 255 tac b 22 h nv + s 700 tact 16n 115 tac t22 s 500 treater drains 21 pcs.
A specialized algorithm was implemented in Matlab [31] to insert "random" spherical nanoparticles at the given volumetric ratio in the selected parallelepiped.
A 3D input domain, constituted by the vehicle velocity, vehicle acceleration and state of charge of the battery, is then generated and discretized, so that a grid of input clusters (whose geometrical shape is of parallelepiped type) is obtained.
Among their topics are the integral point in a three-dimensional fundamental parallelepiped spanned by primitive vectors, exactly one facet contributes to s0 and this facet is a non-compact B1-facet, exactly two facets of gammaf contribute to s0 and both are non-compact B1-facets with respect to a same variable and have an edge in common, and several groups of B1-facets contribute to s0; every group is separately covered by one of the previous cases and the groups have pairwise at most one point in common.
Basically this utility highlighted the pixels in the Viewer that belonged to, or were estimated to belong to a class according to the parallelepiped decision rule.
This is a platform bed framed in its corners by 4 metallic vertical bars and 5 horizontal bars attached to the vertical ones, forming a rectangular parallelepiped.
The chamber is a parallelepiped that is 600-diameters long (x-direction) and 200-diameters wide (y- and z-directions).
It is no longer the editing that selects what we see, thus giving it an a priori significance, it is the mind of the spectator which is forced to discern, as in a sort of parallelepiped of reality with the screen as its cross-section, the dramatic spectrum proper to the scene ("An Aesthetic of Reality" 28).
Let us assume that the domain [OMEGA] is a Cartesian parallelepiped with n as the normal unitary exterior vector at its boundary [partial derivative][OMEGA].
where S are the sides of the parallelepiped, which divide in half the distances between neighboring nodes; n is the direction of the normal to the integration contour.
In order to estimate velocity distributions after each load phases of 100k, 200k, and 250k, an analysis area was set by a rectangular parallelepiped (blue rectangular in Fig.