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Parallelly, the leasing of the mall has also made significant progress with over half of retail spaces being leased and committed.
1000 mg Hang-Radix Paeoniae Alba and Hao-Radix Paeoniae Alba from different regions was took respectively, the electrochemical fingerprints of them were determined for three times parallelly under the optimal determining conditions.
Parallelly Parijat's domestic strategy is built on two pillars- Branded sales through a network of 4000 dealers and distributors across the country; and sale of proprietary products (which Parijat has exclusive rights to import) to corporate buyers including most major Indian players in the industry.
Increased demand and requirement of fresh products consumers throughout the year, led parallelly to a rapid development of agricultural greenhouse, which is today modern and quite sophisticated.
Special counsel Robert Mueller met with members of the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday to discuss how to co-exist while parallelly investigating the potential connections between Russian officials and the 2016 presidential campaign of President Donald Trump.
The proportion of non-savers among this group decreased from 55 per cent in the earlier survey report to 53 per cent currently, again indicating an increased awareness by this segment of the importance of saving for the future while parallelly meeting their daily needs.
The Skoda Karoq will also identify parking spaces and use the array of proximity sensors to automatically steer the car into parking parallelly or perpendicularly.
Marco, while eagerly flaunting the confusing and indeterminate trajectory of his journey that parallelly creates an equally messy temporal loop, explains to the reader that when a traveler travels to another city, he could encounter either one of his many pasts or a possible future of his or someone else's present.
The genitive and locative are parallelly used to code the 3rd person possessor in Vasjugan Selkup.
As the cloud computing has the high-performance computational capacity, the verification requests can be parallelly processed while different verifiers execute the verification tasks.
Parallelly, whenever flawed, biased, or unethical results are unchecked and the experimenter held unaccountable, it almost inevitably leads to mistakes and abuses.
Parallelly, Pitch2Start event ran throughout the day, allowing one to look at how the future was already happening now.