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or par·a·logue  (păr′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
A gene that is related to another gene in the same organism by descent from a single ancestral gene that was duplicated and that may have a different DNA sequence and biological function.

[Back-formation from paralogous : para- (in reference to the parallel descent of the two genes from a single ancestral gene) + (homo)logous.]

pa·ral′o·gous (pə-răl′ə-gəs) adj.


either of a pair of genes derived from the same ancestral gene
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GH-1 along with other members of the paralogue is a set of highly polymorphic genes (Chen et al., 1989).
Since the observed phenotype of the transgenic lines and the gene expression data suggest regulation of the AtSPL paralogue genes in tobacco by Cg1, we searched for the Cg1-binding sites in the putative SPL sequences using the software [41].
Additionally, RNA-binding motif protein 15 (RMB15) and its paralogue RMB15B recruits the METTL3-WTAP complex to m6A consensus sites for methylation [63].
Paralogue annotation method [17] was used to further assess pathogenic effect of variants.
C1q/TNF-[alpha]-related protein isoform 5 (CTRP5) has been identified as an adiponectin paralogue and is mainly expressed in adipose tissue, which shares functional and structural similarities to adiponectin [13-19].
IFI16 is in the same paralogue with pyrin and is an HIN domain family member 1 (PYHIN1 or IFIX), myeloid cell nuclear differentiation antigen (MNDA), and absent in melanoma 2 (AIM2) on human chromosome 1 as a human HIN-200 gene cluster.
Being a huge fun of paralogue theatre, I loved the fact that love, dying romance per se, was presented as a corpse with geometrical progress growing inside the house.
Additionally, new Heroes from the upcoming "Fire Emblem Echoes" and new paralogue missions are going to be introduced to the game later this week.
Increased levels of 17-OHP, androstenedione, and testosterone are thought to occur due to preserved activity of 3[beta]-HSD1 encoded by a paralogue gene HSD3B1 expressed postnatally in skin and placenta (13).
Interestingly, the depletion of the paralogue ilv3B resulted in fungal avirulence in any infection model [61].
Stanier et al., "Analysis of the planar cell polarity gene Vangl2 and its co-expressed paralogue Vangl1 in neural tube defect patients," American Journal of Medical Genetics, vol.
Aging of laboratory mice can be delayed in response to a decrease in the concentration of TAGs in white adipose tissue (WAT), which can be achieved either by genetically eliminating the WAT-specific insulin receptor [101] or by replacing the C/EBP[alpha] (CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein a) protein with its paralogue C/EBP[beta] [102].