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or par·ra·mat·ta  (păr′ə-măt′ə)
A fine, lightweight silk and wool or cotton and wool dress fabric.

[After Parramatta.]


(ˌpærəˈmætə) or


(Textiles) a lightweight twill-weave fabric of wool formerly with silk or cotton, used for dresses, etc, now used esp for rubber-proofed garments
[C19: named after Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, where it was originally produced]
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The first stage took us to Paramatta, a small country town, next to Sydney in importance.
Inu has a good pedigree, having previously played for New Zealand Warriors, Paramatta Eels and Canterbury Bulldogs in the NRL.
There are maps in nine sections: East, South, Inner West and West, Paramatta, North, North West, Outer West, Hawkesbury, South West.
Bush Tracks Symposium presented at Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) International Conference, Paramatta, NSW November 2005.
In addition, Chris Sandow, Warrington's new signing from Paramatta, is unavailable.
When the Russians headed south more than a week ago, Australia sent the Royal Australian Navy frigates HMAS Paramatta and HMAS Stuart and RAAF's P3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft to watch their movements.
This book enumerates all the paramatta dhamma(ultimate realities) to be found in the world.
Huon Aquaculture's processing facility at Paramatta Creek and Tassal's fish protein and oil factory at Triabunna will provide new opportunities in an already rapidly growing sector - but they need this funding now.
Yet, as we literally rode the waves across Sydney Harbour and up the Paramatta River to the Olympic Stadium, there was a sense that something very special lay in store.
Hardman Hock, 29, is wanted by NRL outfit Paramatta Eels, despite being contracted to the Warriors until 2016.
Stephen Bevans is professor of mission and culture at Catholic Theological Union, Chicago; Katalina Tahaafe-Williams teaches at United Theological College, Paramatta, Australia.
as watching Melbourne play Paramatta the other night and it's the same background.