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 (pə-răm′ĭ-tə-rīz′) also pa·ram·e·trize (-ĭ-trīz′)
tr.v. pa·ram·e·ter·ized, pa·ram·e·ter·iz·ing, pa·ram·e·ter·iz·es also pa·ram·e·trized or pa·ram·e·triz·ing or pa·ram·e·triz·es
To describe in terms of parameters.

pa·ram′e·ter·i·za′tion (-tə-rĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(pəˈræmɪtəˌraɪz) or


vb (tr)
to describe or characterize in terms of a parameter. Also: parametrize or parametrise
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(pəˈræm ɪ təˌraɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to describe by the use of parameters.
pa•ram`e•ter•i•za′tion, n.
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Standard programming functions such as automatic parameterization, motor load ramp changes and electrical stabilization in the case of fluctuating--line voltages, all provide support for smooth motor operations in a myriad of applications.
However, a third technique has emerged: the stochastic-dynamic parameterization where the treatment of tendencies due to unresolved processes is by stochastic terms rather than bulk-formula deterministic representations (Lorenz 1975; Pitcher 1977; Palmer 2001).
The increasing complexity of plants and systems has led to ever-increasing demands on sensors and actuators in terms of functionality and parameterization. The IO-Link command interface was created to integrate such intelligent sensors simply, consistently, and with compatibility across all manufacturers.
However, there are no studies evaluating the sensitivity of the model to changes in its configuration; for example, the use of certain parameterization schemes of physical processes or the characteristics of the domains, which is of great interest due to the orographic complexity of the region, may be relevant to the forecasting skill of the model for operational applications.
He covers why computational bioacoustics, the definition of tasks, acoustic libraries, one-dimensional audio parameterization, two-dimensional audio parameterization, audio recognizers, application examples, and useful resources.
In Section 4, an optimal parameter selection problem is obtained by the optimal time and control parameterization method, and a hybrid optimization algorithm CPSO-SQP is employed to solve this problem.
Previously, the authors proposed a parametric method to construct a surface model of a patient's femur based on surface feature parameterization [12].
(2009), usually the model is not expressed in a suitable parametric form, which would facilitate rapid convergence of the iterative process used to obtain the parameters estimates, being necessary to seek a more appropriate parameterization.
The physics schemes of physics components that included within the WRF were the Kain-Fritsch scheme for cumulus parameterization (Kain, 2014); Yonsei University (YSU) scheme for PBL parameterization; Rapid Radiation Transfer Model (RRTM) for Long wave Physics Radiation (Hong and Pan, 1996); WRF single-momentum 6-class scheme (WSM6) for microphysics parameterization (Hong et al., 2004); Dudhia short-wave radiation scheme for Short wave Physics Radiation (Dudhia, 1989) and Noah Land Surface Model (LSM) set as four layers of soil and one canopy layer (Chen and Dudhia, 2001).