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1. Mathematics
a. A constant in an equation that varies in other equations of the same general form, especially such a constant in the equation of a curve or surface that can be varied to represent a family of curves or surfaces.
b. One of a set of independent variables that express the coordinates of a point.
a. One of a set of measurable factors, such as temperature and pressure, that define a system and determine its behavior and are varied in an experiment.
b. Usage Problem A factor that restricts what is possible or what results: "all the parameters of shelter—where people will live, what mode of housing they will choose, and how they will pay for it" (New York).
c. A factor that determines a range of variations; a boundary: an experimental school that keeps expanding the parameters of its curriculum.
3. Statistics A quantity, such as a mean, that is calculated from data and describes a population.
4. Usage Problem A distinguishing characteristic or feature.

[New Latin parametrum, a line through the focus and parallel to the directrix of a conic : Greek para-, beside; see para-1 + Greek metron, measure; see -meter.]

par′a·met′ric (păr′ə-mĕt′rĭk), par′a·met′ri·cal adj.
par′a·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
Usage Note: The term parameter, which originates in mathematics, has a number of specific meanings in fields such as astronomy, electricity, crystallography, and statistics. Perhaps because of its ring of technical authority, people have applied parameter more generally in recent years to refer to any factor that determines a range of variations and especially to a factor that restricts what results from a process or policy. In this use, the word parameter is used to mean "the particular value of a parameter," and comes close to meaning "a set limit or boundary." For example, a budget can be thought of as a set of parameters that determine a range of activity, much like a set of mathematical parameters that establish the range of effects, or limits, of other variables. The sentence A budget is a framework that defines the financial parameters within which an organization operates was considered acceptable by 81 percent of the Usage Panel in our 2004 survey. Parameter is sometimes used incorrectly when it does not denote a range of variation, as if it were a technical-sounding synonym for characteristic. In 1988, 88 percent of the Usage Panel rejected the sentence The Judeo-Christian ethic is one of the important parameters of Western culture. In 2004, 77 percent rejected this same sentence, suggesting that familiarity has not bred tolerance of this usage.
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Adj.1.parametric - of or relating to or in terms of a parameter; "parametric equation"
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Accurate staging of cervical carcinoma is essential for patient selection and planning management.6 The most important factor in staging cervical cancer and treatment planning is presence or absence of parametrial invasion which can significantly affect surgical outcome.7,8
MRI of the pelvis showed a vaginal mass 1-2 cm in size expanded inside the vagina without parametrial extension; no distant metastasis showed on abdominal CT scan and CXR (figure 1).
But this large bowel obstruction was already there prior to the second course of reirradiation due to parametrial Fibrosis.
Curative surgical excision requires broadly negative margins through this tissue, a so called "radical hysterectomy." The radicality of hysterectomy has been categorized in stages, acknowledging that different sized lesions require different volumes of parametrial resection to achieve adequate clearance from the tumor.
(5,7) This approach is supported by the finding that parametrial involvement among women with early stage disease and favorable pathologic characteristics is uncommon.
Patients were examined, and FIGO staging was done, approximate size of lesion, type (exophytic, ulcerative, infiltrative, or mixed); lower one-third vaginal extension of lesion, parametrial involvement, i.e., unilateral or bilateral and palpable lymph node if any were examined.
Serial Pelvic ultrasounds revealed thickened endometrium and increased vascularity of parametrial vessels (fig-2).
Pelvic ultrasound revealed an ill-defined heterogeneous, hypoechoic soft tissue lesion involving the cervix; there was no vaginal or parametrial involvement.
Por otro lado, es posible combinar la QT con RT, reduciendo la recurrencia locoregional y distal cuando la paciente tiene un solo factor de riesgo como metastasis nodal, compromiso parametrial o margen quirurgico positivo; pero, si tiene multiples factores, solo reduce la recurrencia locoregional, mas no la distal (34).
Generally agreed prognostic factors for CC include International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) stage, histological cell type, tumor size, parametrial involvement (PI), deep stromal invasion (DSI), and lymph node (LN) status [2-4].
Indeed, these rats showed altered WAT (parametrial tissue-pad) functionality, such as enlarged pad mass, replete of large (insulin-resistant) adipocytes and containing very low ADIPOQ protein [34].