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n. parametrio, tejido celular suelto alrededor del útero.
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The uterine arteries cross beyond the ureter and provide a ureteric branch as they pass in the parametrium. In the parametrium, the uterine arteries give two predominant ramifications: an ascending vessel that moves cranially and provides the myometrial arteries, and the cervico-vaginal vessel that moves caudally.
Hysterectomy can be performed if parametrium is free of tumor as detected by MRI and vice versa.
Pathological examination showed that the tumor invaded the perivesical fat and parametrium. The ileal segment and uterus/cervix were spared but urethral and radial surgical margins were positive for tumor cells.
A gynecologic examination revealed normal external genitalia, atrophic collum, intact adnexa, and free parametrium. Laboratory test results were as follows: CA125: 82 U/mL, CA19-9: 42 U/mL, and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c): 11%.
Additionally, and of more concern, if the lesion is a bulky lesion extending into the parametrium and not recognized preoperatively, a "cut-through" hysterectomy will be inadvertently performed (in which margins are grossly positive).
The company said Venezia is designed to treat not only the cervix using an intracavitary technique, but also disease extensions in the parametrium and vagina employing interstitial needles.
[1] It can involve the uterine corpus by direct extension or through parametrium by lymphatic invasion to the uterine wall.
The involvement of the ovary and fallopian tubes, uterine cavity, parametrium, and Douglas pouch have rarely been reported (3, 4, 9).
[3,4] We report the rare case of a woman with a pelvic schwannoma in the right parametrium and extending into the right thigh.